9 Biggest PS5 UI Changes

The PlayStation 5’s UI has finally been revealed. Let’s take a look at the nine biggest changes we saw, including the Control Center, Activity Cards, and capturing screenshots.

Sony has finally unveiled one of the last remaining pieces of the PlayStation 5 puzzle and with it given us a…

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  1. Im pissed because they fucked up party chat big time! Its caused soooooo much drama! Mute button is busted and DOESNT MUTE OTHER PARTY CHAT MEMBERS! BLOCKED PLAYERS CAN JOIN MY PARTY CHATS NOW? AAAAAAND IF IM NOT INCORRECT THEY CAN HEAR YOU REGARDLESS SINCE THE MUTE BUTTON DOESNT WORK! why did they change all this shit! It wasnt broken before but all of a sudden they had to go and do this shit! Me and my friends dont even want to try and make a party chat because its such a hassle AND WE HAVE TO MAKE A NEW FUCKING GROUP EVERY TIME WE WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENT PARTY WITH DIFFERENT PEOPLE! Its so fucked!

  2. I like some of the ideas, but there are some additions here that I know I won't use. Either way, as long as I can customize those cards to get out of the way, I'm happy with the way this looks.

  3. Hopefully the PS5 store won’t be a buggy p.o.s. like the PS4 store is. I’m amazed Sony just left it a broken mess throughout the PS4’s entire lifecycle.

  4. Wonder if activities work like quick resume cuz it really great how xbox make games resume hope in ps its something like that so we can pass game to game in seconds

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