Xbox Series X Load Time Comparison (RDR2, Control, FFXV)

Here’s how the Series X loading times stack up to an Xbox One X. Tested on Red Dead Redemption 2, Control, Outer Worlds, and FFXV.

Xbox Series X features faster loading times than its predecessor the Xbox One X, and the difference between the two systems is extremely impressive. We were able to…

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  1. Eventually with the time game will become heavier which also means the loading time so I think it doesn't really matter. Same thing with loading a 360 game to the Xbox one.
    It's my guess what do you think?

  2. Test is not fair. You need to load same saves. For example: in Control on series x in this vid was loaded simple scene, but on one x – scene in the building with lots more objects.

  3. 14 seconds on FF.
    You don't start to count when you out the game in the system and it starts up, you start counting when you press start or yes when selecting a saved game.

  4. Only one I wanted to see was RD2 cuz it really takes foreverrrrrr. Everything else is a few seconds differences cuz they don’t take that long but RD2 is truly a different story.

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