The History Of Militech, The Biggest Weapons Corp In The World | Cyberpunk 2077 Lore

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Artists in order of appearance:
Eddie Mendoza
Adrian Marc
Hélio Frazão
Alexander Dudar
Neil Branquinho

Arasaka’s number one competitor is the American security corporation known as Militech. Here’s a brief look into…

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  1. Is there any books or novels that are tied into this game ? Can anyone tell me plz & does cyberpunk books or novels date back to the 50’s as a series ?

  2. I imagine on my first playthrough of this game I'll end up getting manipulated by the bad guys and inadvertently completely fucking up the world

  3. Niiiice. I hope my grand – grand childrens get to play this game. But since im from eastern europe, with games price claim, this will cost more than big house.

  4. As an American combat vet and physicist I can tell you this. The story
    and the existence of something like Militech here in the United States
    is not only feasible but very real. Be careful who you vote for. We
    scientists are trying to fuckin warn all of you.

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