Super Mario 3D All-Stars Review

Despite its minimal trimmings, Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a worthwhile collection of some of the plumber’s most memorable adventures.

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  1. I have a copy of Super Mario 3D All-Stars for my Nintendo Switch Lite, and out of all these three games in this compilation, the one particular game that I’ve spent the most time playing was Super Mario Galaxy. I’ve recently collected all 121 Stars as both Mario and Luigi, which makes a total of 242 Stars. I still have a copy of the original Wii version of Super Mario Galaxy. I also have a copy of the original GameCube version of Sunshine. Speaking of both Wii and GameCube, I still have the original Wii model that is backwards compatible with most GameCube games.

  2. I just wanna play sunshine and galaxy. I've never playn them. And I've watched full playthroughs of 64 and have it on my n64 but never played past the snow level.

  3. How Nintendo should release this 3D All-stars:

    Included the DS mario 64 or even port that to be better!
    Included Super Mario Galaxy 2!
    And…cut the crap about the limited time sales for both digital and physical, especially the digital version

    And maybe everyone is going to be happy with the anniversary release

  4. The camera in Super Mario 64 is absolutely awful! It makes getting those coins in the sky nearly impossible! It is sad when a DS game has a better camera than a Nintendo Switch port. And Nintendo could've added Galaxy 2, kind of horse shit. Not worth $90, maybe $60-70 at max.

  5. Mario is one of my favorite game characters. I love him. But 3d gameplay really took the games to the next level. I like that a lot. Im planning on getting this game for Christmas

  6. I’m so disappointed that Nintendo doesn’t remaster anything. They just continue to repackage the same product and we continue to buy it 😭

  7. I think it's too bad Nintendo didn't make a release like this a bit more of a celebration for the fans with some extra effort. Especially for the price and seeing Mario is their most important character.

  8. This release really brings out how shite Nintendo are to their fans, imagine if Sony or Activision done this with Uncharted or Crash, they just released the exact same game with fuck all done to them. They place would explode but Nintendo basically give us 3 roms on a cart and get a pass? No fixing or updates to controls? A joke.

  9. Ps

    This is the first I've looked at a review for this game & most of the time all i heard was bitching, moaning & bitching…

    When Mario first went fully 3D with Mario 64 the camera angles were always a pain & this continued on fron the Nintendo 64 to the Gamecube/WII & WII U as 3D Mario games were always known for sketchy camera angles & you just had to work with it and it became a part of actually conquering & beating each game…

    I'll admit that a lot of todays modern games on the PS4 & Xbox One & their Next Gen upgrades have had game's released at launch in a ridiculously terrible mess that all we keep getting as an excuse from games developers is " well fix it with uodate patches " but at least older consoles & even Nintendo Switch games work straight out the box…

    Some gamer's just expect too much but on the other hand game developer's on the the consoles have gotten lazy & i'd take a Nintendo Console Game first before buying & playing the game's that are released on the PS4 & Xbox One & thats saying something as i dont play my Nintendo Switch as much as much other console's…

    Its sime to stop buying inferior products & game's developers will be forced to release game's like they used to or they'll be out of a job as without buying gamer's there is no need for game developing companies , its supply & demand & its that simple…


  10. So sad! This ‘anniversary collection’ is such an ingenuine cash-grab. I’d love to play Galaxy again, but I’m not supporting Nintendo scrapping the bottom of the barrel for these ports that don’t fix anything since the games released years and years ago… Honestly, I hope this just encourages more people to emulating these games online for free… 😅

  11. Everyone loves the DS remake of Super Mario 64, even to go far to say it's a tremendous improvement – so why do people criticize the Switch remake?

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