PS5 Showcase Livestream

Tune into the 40-minute PlayStation 5 Showcase at 1pm PT / 4pm ET / 9pm BST. It will feature updates on the latest titles from Worldwide Studios and development partners.

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  1. > SO NOW YOU KNOW < ……. YOU PISS OFF SHEEET SONY !!!! god damn marketing pisses of sheet idiots …. fuck this gen of ps ……… reallly ….. its just a fukin joke ….. had only ps until now …. im not investing my money in this sheet …. fuck you SONY

  2. Peoples should realize that nearly all of these games are being designed for both new gen and old gen consoles, so the devs are still very limited in what they are able to do. Basically all the games ported for both will only have graphical updates on the ps5 version, sadly. It's gonna be quite a while before theyre PS5 only and we start too see groundbreaking stuff.

  3. The whole PS5 preorder thing was a shit show. I'm hoping Sony is able to provide more consoles soon. Way to go on letting the public know ahead of time

  4. sorry to be more bitter about it, but all I see is visual upgrades of stuff that will be new for last gen/everything under the sun and look just as good for anyone investing in a PC they have. what reason do I have to get a PS5 when I have the Pro of the last generation? if they made hogwarts legacy exclusive (I don't think they have) or GOW, one of my favourite IPs really have a justification for only being possible on PS5, than that might be a good reason, but $/£100 over what you could get the Pro not long after that came out? no point

    also, in the UK. so nov 12 for virtually anyone who'll get it but those in the UK who I do see going for it? get effed sony

  5. 1:05:55 Intro
    1:07:03 Final Fantasy XVI

    1:11:35 Spider-Man Miles Morales

    1:19:01 Hogwarts Legacy

    1:22:40 Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War

    1:27:51 Resident Evil 8: Village

    1:30:30 Deathloop

    1:34:34 Devil May Cry 5
    Special Edition
    1:36:50 Oddworld Soulstorm

    1:39:14 Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach

    1:40:37 Demon's Souls

    1:45:12 Fortnite

    1:45:48 PS Plus Collection

    1:48:30 PS5 Price and Release Dates
    1:49:30 Jim Ryan Talks
    1:50:04 God of War Ragnarok
    1:51:07 Outro

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