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Marvel's Avengers Review

Rejoice, True Believers! According to our own Andrew Reiner, Marvel’s Avengers is a great time for fans of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Join us as we breakdown the highs and lows of Crystal Dynamics’ newest superhero brawler and let you know if it’s…

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  1. Doesnt mention the lackluster enemies and only 3 bosses. Yep 3 effing bosses. You already played against 2 of them in the beta. How sad.

  2. Game informer have some fucking integrity. A 8.75? Are u fucking kidding me? Yall know damn well this is no better than a 7 on its best day. Story is incredibly short and the online matchmaking is worse than a dating app. Come on game informer.

  3. They forgot to mention all the bugs and glitches in the game that other reviewers not only have mentioned but also showed us. The combat and invraments is very very repetitive . Any sort of Microtransactions in a big budget Triple A title is always a bad idea no matter what. This game in its current release state should have costed us no more then 30 dollars at best . Avengers game in its current state along with its extremely short Story is a wait for sale title or buy at a really cheap used price. Save your money or go buy Kindoms of Amular instead with its 100 hours plus gameplay and is only 40 dollars and is a much better buy even as a Remastered version of the original. Then this Triple A 60 dollar should have been a budget title Avengers game . "Avengers dont Assemble ! Instead wait for the budget title price"

  4. I am really enjoying the game, but I can't believe you are talking up the platforming and stealth sections as if they aren't completely dull and rudimentary, let alone glitchy when it comes to the platforming.

  5. Wow you got payed good for this review.Thats way to high score for the game. You forget to mention the sometimes gamebreaking bugs and performance issues and barely talked about the some places outragegous monetization in the game. This game deserves 5 or 6 max not 8.

  6. You’re so obviously lying in an effort to maintain your “woke” cred, that it’s literally nauseating.
    You have failed this industry.
    You have failed this space, and you fired the only people who made this channel/publication worthwhile.

    GI was once the last bastion of real game journalism. Now you’re just the latest to leap toward the scrap heap in what would be an hilariously ironic misguided effort to maintain relevance, if it wasn’t so tragic.

    RIP GI

  7. why does this review sound and seem like the complete opposite of what the game looks like in every video and any kind of review / feedback I've seen anywhere else? XD

    like, sure – if whoever reviewed this enjoyed the game likes it a lot, then it's totally understandable, but there was some praise in this review that literary no1 seems to agree with anywhere else ^^"

    ( I mean the fact that certain characters seem just super weak compared how they're usually presented elsewhere… like movies or TV or so..)

  8. This is games gameplay is so much fun. The only downsides are the graphic hiccups and the micro transaction (even that can be earned with leveling up)

  9. You forgot to say "quick shoutout to my sponsor: Crystal Dynamics – for supporting this video". Very generous rating for what should have been an exciting and polished AAA title deserving that score, but ultimately it is a sub-standard, clunky and hollow cash grab. – 4/10

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