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Laura Bailey on The Last of Us Part II, Critical Role, and Her Voice Acting Career

On this excerpt from The GI Show, we sit down with the one and only Laura Bailey to discuss her career as a voice actor, a canceled Castlevania game, and how Critical Role has evolved over its history.

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  1. Her portrayal of Abby was absolutely stunning. It blows my mind how my first impression of her changed so much as her story unfolded, and without Laura's amazing performance, I don't think this aspect of Abby's story would've been as effective.

  2. I hated the this game so much. But she did an amazing job voice acting as Abby. Just a pity they didn't do a better job with the story and character development. The graphics, music/sound design, animators, gameplay and actors really carried this game. But a story driven game with a bad story is inherently a bad game

  3. Whatever character you play Laura you rock! You do a phenominal job voicing most the characters in games Ive played and some I didnt even know. I still remember hearing your voice as Rayne from BloodRayne 2….that was one badass character!

  4. Laura did an amazing job playing Abby and other characters. I despise the people who harass this amazing actress, just because of the plot. People are so dumb that they can't distinguish reality and fiction.

  5. Black Widow, Abby, Cait Diaz, Kira Carsen, Mary-Jane Watson, Nadine Ross, Jaina Proudmoore, Supergirl, Selina Kyle, Serah Farron… I could go on, but I think I made my point. There's simply no other actress who had so many iconic roles. Love her voice!

  6. I assumed Abby’s voice would be her normal voice but it’s clearly not. Great actress, I didn’t care for Abby’s character or the direction they took TLOUII but the entire cast did a brilliant job.

  7. Laura's great. I didn't like the direction TLOU2 took things so I didn't buy or play, so unfortunately I wasn't able to throw any money towards her for that project (one that I had been looking forward to for years… Just let Ellie kill Abby or vice versa and I'll buy it. No one drops that many bodies on their way to kill one person and then just shrugs and says just kidding).

    Also her response to the haters over the Nadine fiasco that NaughtyDog got her in was perfect. She had been cast and had already begun working before the character design was done and she had the choice of continuing or making an issue about the character design and she felt it would be more wrong to try and get the character design changed to a white woman than to just leave her as designed. She was in a no win situation.

  8. Good actor sometime is a part of a movie that flops. I feel like TLOU2 cast got too much unjustified hate, due to Neil Drugman keep fanning the flame and being condescending and everything.

  9. No comments about Gears 5 and her work as Kait Diaz???? She's awesome, she did a superb job!!!!!! Love her and now Kait is one of my favourite characters of all time now.

  10. Even though I didn’t like her character I did like Bailey work and her other work I’m a fan. She truly didn’t deserve that much hate from those that can’t tell the difference.

  11. If you can somehow get Laura Bailey and Troy Baker to do an interview talking about their VA careers together and how it has impacted their lives?

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