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Genshin Impact – New Gameplay Today Live

Join Dan Tack as he explores the wilds of Genshin Impact and let’s you know if this is an open-world RPG worth playing!

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  1. Spent 15 dollars hoping to get Jean in one of the packs and didn't get a single good thing. Also bought more wishes with the extra I had alreadt and didn't get shit! Man fuck this gacha system. If you're thinking about getting this game and want other heroes, just be careful. The RNG may not favor you. I'm just going to pretend like I spent 15dollars to buy the game and take the L. I know I'm better than that but damn lol. My fault but definitely the last time. Very unforgiving RNG

  2. Switch pro controller FTW. You can set the game to launch in steam and configure the controller however including the use of the gyroscope.

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