Firearms Expert Reacts To Tommy Gun Clips From Games

Jonathan Ferguson, Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, reacts to some Tommy Gun gameplay clips from Call of Duty: WW2, Mafia: Definitive Edition, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, King Kong, and TimeSplitters 2.

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  1. I wish they could’ve not only shown the Serious Sam Tommy Gun, but also explained that it had (somehow) been “converted” to a 5.56. That might’ve garnered an interest reaction, lol.

  2. I like how this guy understands there are certain limitations to depicting weapons in a game, as well as stylistic choices, and doesn't get all upset when something isn't 100% accurate. Very refreshing from people who demand absolute authenticity.

  3. What I don't get about the M1A1 variant is why they dropped the drum completely instead of doing what the Russians did with the Papa Shah, pre-loading it with a drum magazine and carrying a couple of stick mags for quick reloads if it ran out.

  4. I'm surprised Jonathan didn't talk about how both the Timesplitters 2 Tommy Gun and Mafia Remastered Tommy Guns both seem to fire from a closed bolt, when the gun actually fires from open bolt.

  5. What he said about the M1 Thompson sight is incorrect the top sight is for 100 yards and the bottom sight is for 250 yards… so exactly reversed to what he said… the Game actually got that correct, although that’s with this game almost a surprise.

  6. On Destiny 2 they have the Tommy's Matchbook which is a 100 Round Drum version of the 1921 Thompson. I love the aestetics of that one and it's encouraged to fire from the hip like the mobster way.

  7. 3:05 Actually a few M1921's (edit: As well as some M1928's) came with uber-simplified rear sights as well.
    The big killer is Mafia 2 and some of the Call of Duty games etc, which feature a M1921-28 with M1/M1A1 receiver (those who know what I mean will get it).

  8. One of my all time favorites! Love the Thompson so damn much! Iconic piece of history! Despite the age, medal of honor's and kongs Thompson models are pretty nice and detailed! I remember playing the hell out of that king Kong game and using that Tommy! That game was super rad and had really cool survival elements to it, you playing as Jack most of the way being a standard dude and about 2 hits by a Dino and you're toast! Great stuff and good times! ❤???

  9. id be honest as a game dev videos like this where its the same gun from multiple games is alot more interesting cos then you get to hear a more in depth explanation from jonathan on that 1 gun.

  10. the first clips of the tommy gun seem like the recoil isn't accurately depicted. its a .45apc smg and from what I understand is that it has a tendency to have a good bit of muzzle rise.

  11. It's wild to me that they would use an apeture sight as the close range one where you would need to move the gun way more and it's way easier to loose your frontsight and target.

  12. Reloading the Thompson M1 with a stick mag is actually not that difficult and goes very fast. Bolt open on the last round. Mag out, mag in. Ready to go. No Bolt catch or anything to press. Larry Vickers shows that accidentally in his Battle of the Submachines video. Even as a lefty. In the dark that gets more difficult since you can't have a visual where you line up your mag. But in the dark, you can press your thumb on the edge of the mag that you can feel where the T-shape starts, press the thumb against the side of the trigger guard, just below the mag catch, and shove the mag in. Takes a little practice but I can do that very quickly.

  13. Synthetik has really cool reload mechanics. 1) you lose ammo you don't load onto the enemy. 2) you have to do a timing minigame to get a nice perfect reload. 3) you miss the perfect reload, you go slower. 4) in an advanced mode, the window for a faster reload is even slower.

    It is a 2.5D kind of game though.

  14. Question: How involved of a job would it be to modify an M1921 Thompson to reduce its cyclic rate from 900 RPM to (say) 600 or 450 RPM (for instance, to make it more manageable when firing)?

  15. I really want him to continue and look at other tommy gun renditions. Cause there are many! He could easily state the inaccuracy in model type with the BFV version using a 20’s gangster style action in the ww2 version, maybe check out the resident evil 4 version, possibly the fairly faithful call of duty world at war rendition, and definitely the bioshock version of the tommy gun.

  16. Could you have jonathan react to roblox phantom forces and/or arsenal? If you need gameplay footage, i would happily provide it. i think it would be really cool and he'd enjoy it

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