FINAL FANTASY XVI – Official PS5 Awakening Trailer

“The legacy of the crystals has shaped our history for long enough…”

Watch the exciting teaser trailer for the newest title in the legendary FINAL FANTASY series.

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  1. Seriously when I was a kid and already a FF fan I wrote a script (for FF XII back then) I took the Phoenix for the Main Title Picture and Story based on it and now I see it for real, its like that they found it.!!!

  2. 2050: Back in the middle ages of gaming, before holographic and VR really became mainstream people were easily impressed by primitive graphics like those final fantasy 16

  3. one character? Sigh Even worse than FF15. I miss the days in RPGs when you had parties and actually had to play the game by doing more than just hold a button down while it decides for you.

  4. Haven’t been a FF fan since 7 but this game looks freaking incredible visually as well as very fun to play and the story bits look quite intriguing.

    Could be the first FF game in a looong time I have enough interest to play…

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