PlayStation 5 – Official 'Play Has No Limits' Ad

PlayStation showcases the new features coming to the DualSense controller in this exciting new ad. With haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and 3D audio, ‘Play Has No Limits’ on PS5. Coming Holiday 2020.

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  1. Its crazy that ps5 is coming out, it feels like yesterday i was just playing on my ps2 dreaming of having a ps3 just to play god of war 3, i was just 13 yrs old back in the day when i got my ps2, and now i am 24 yrs old and i have ps4 and switch, its blowing my mind how time flies so fast.

  2. Is it over confidence why Sony has shared almost nothing about the PS5 so far? They launch in November supposedly, and there is no price, but just simply speculation. Hell, we don't even know what the user interface looks like and how it functions yet. I think Sony is a bit cocky right now…and they know fan loyalty and the fact Xbox handed them the victory when Halo was delayed will drive their sales. Cut the bullshit Sony, and just give the world a price already…you are taking pre order's already, but no price in sight. COCKY!!

    In this case I hope Xbox Series X does undercut them. They have been more upfront about how their system functions, have shown the user interface, price is another question? But it's been more then Sony is willing to share about the PS5.

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  4. Again, this will most likely be my last PlayStation. If I see no improvement of there inane censorship policy I'm out, you don't want my money Nintendo and Steam can have it

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