Mortal Shell Review

Developer Cold Symmetry’s budget action-RPG is a love letter to From Software’s work, but Mortal Shell’s take on similar ideas feels aimed at those who struggle to get through Soulsborne games.

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  1. "The downside is you rely on harden too much and it makes the bosses easy and predictable"

    Me who cheesed every sekiro boss with cheese tactics: INTERESTING

  2. The controls dont feel as good for me, dodging for example feels more like "rolling the dice" on if you get hit or not and "block" aka Harden has a cool down making the game for me just feel a bit "off"

  3. Yes, the game is difficult, I can understand that the game is difficult. But it is ridiculous not to save for a long time.

    With great care and effort, if you want to make a long progress without the save option, die at a blow, return to the beginning of the episode and swear a lot, you can play this game.

    The game would be more enjoyable if it had the option to Save frequently.

  4. How hard is this game? Ive beaten all of DS3 at SL1 but took 2h to beat the ogre thing in the start of DS2 and everything after has been kinda the same. The game feels really sluggish and inresponsive compared to DS3 and i easily got angry when my dodges felt like they should have worked in DS3 but didnt in DS2.

  5. I would definitely recommend this to any Soulsborne player, just get this game, you will love it. My only complaint is that I wanted more. The game is 15/20 hours, totally fair for the price, but still I want more. Already waiting for the second installment or a DLC. 10/10

  6. Sounds like this is right up my street. There is a problem with From Software Souls games in that they alienate players who aren't immediately good at balancing enjoyment with frustration when you don't have millions of hours to dedicate to one game.

  7. Time played 13 hrs. I stopped and unsubscribed right there! Are you EVEN SERIOUS? Not even close to enough time spent with a game you're supposed to review.

  8. I really wanted to like this game after playing all the Soulsborne games, but it just wasn’t that great. The overall game isn’t bad but the combat and gameplay felt sluggish and not fun to play.

  9. I have never played Dark Souls and at first i did not like this game very much. After beating the base game and then beating it without a shell it was difficult but very satisfying. In the end it was frustrating at times but a lot of fun. After watching a tips and tricks video, remembering where the mushrooms were, getting familiar with the map, and practicing the combat system, i changed my 2 star review to 4 stars. Now i would consider it 4.5 stars losing some points off for some wacky mechanic moments and cheap moments in level design.

  10. This is one of the better reviews I’ve seen. Well thought through and relevant more to why we play these games, and less about the game mechanics/traits. Thanks!

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