Gotham Knights: How The Court Of Owls Almost Destroyed Batman

WB Montreal’s Gotham Knights is rumored to feature the Court of Owls, but what is the villainous group all about and why are they important?

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  1. Its funny how now they do this video.. Like they didn't care about the story until the new batman game…. JK but I like how even IGN was involved with the reviews of the story sooo

  2. i'd be really interested in a court of owls vs league of assassins storyline, maybe bruce already knows about the league, but notices that they have heightened activity in gotham, and starts to investigat why, only to realize they're fighting something,

  3. I’ve read the comic, they are his greatest enemy. Completely undermine Batman from within and no other enemy not even the Joker have that power.

  4. That story sound like absolute cobblers. It's just a rehash of League of Assassins only even less interesting.

    The New 52 was shite and DC haven't done anything really interesting with their main brands for ages. They're even screwing up stuff like Watchmen. ?

  5. So clearly Batman (Bruce Wayne) is dead in this game and the court of owl have decided to turn up with Gotham great protector gone it doesn't make sense I think the game without batman will be a flop IMHO It been a big anticlimax telling us a new batman game is coming out I'll stick with my ps4 for now thank you very much

  6. Ya, this story just makes Gotham feel too small. The Court of Owls would never have allowed Batman to grow as strong as he did being centuries entrenched. If they doubted their power, they could have launched an attack after he fought any other villain and was wounded or down and out.

  7. Sometimes I think of characters that could have connections with each other for stories like for example like it was with Ra's al ghul with Deathstroke(In a animated movie) or with Bane (comics and movie) so now imagine an alliance between Talon and the league of shadows/assassins?

    League shadows/assassins are ninja in Batman begins they trained Batman, talon is a Ninja a batman that kills, so imagine a alliance between the court of Owls and the League of Shadows/Assassins, where a Talon(if there is a main Talon like in the Batman vs Robin movie, was he William Cobb?) is assigned to work under Ra's al Ghul, as a test by Ra's Talon has to discover the League's base in the Himalayas and travel there, but really once there he's gathering Intel for example about the Lazarus pit, In the new Gotham Knights game it shows the Talons in frozen hibernation so imagine if the Court of Owls also got access to the Lazarus pit for healing and immortality? Or he's merely trying to sabotage them from the inside, Talia doesn't trust him, Deathstroke gets involved somehow like a attempt to destroy the league (like in the Son of Batman movie) ends up fighting Talon. Now just somehow needs to involve Batman and Damian(cause Damian is the one who is connected to the league) and Jason Todd too somehow? (also has connection to the league) Or is that too much?

  8. I hope Tamoor can become an independent content developer. His content is so in depth and well told. This man has a very deep meta understanding of whatever he’s interested in. Even at Kinda Funny he shows his gift of bringing knowledge to the people in video game lore. Well done sir!

  9. We know this is coming eventually should WB decide to expand Matt Reeves's The Batman, we saw how little Batman understand Gotham Power Structure in the movie.

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