Fortnite Removed From App Store, Epic Games Suing Apple | Save State

In today’s gaming news, Fortnite developer Epic Games is suing Apple after Fortnite was removed from the App Store. Apple claims Epic violated App Store guidelines after introducing a new way to buy cheaper V-bucks, directly bypassing the App Store fee.

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  1. Why is everyone so negative about fortnite being banned from apple? I see it as a benefit for parents, their bank accounts aren’t dry (for now)

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  3. Oh yes fortnite is *TOTALLY* the same as Ebay,Amazon,Lyft

    Cmon epic games be real for a second you compared a shitty battle royale game to stuff people need

  4. Good first segment! I disagree with the reporting's core assumptions, so let us consider a case: if a person had the audacity to stand at the door of the nightclub letting people in for 20% off the cover rate and keeping all the cash for themselves instead of paying the nightclub owner, that person is going to get bounced. Whining about it is bad form.

  5. Epic win hope they win so people don't get gouged 30% every app purchase. Now if only epic Games could fix there damn epic game launcher

  6. So Epic wants to sell their game on someone else's platform, for free?? Who the fuck do they think they are? lmao If they want their own store platform, then make your own store available on all platforms and sell your games exclusively on your store, lets see how that goes lol

    But I do think 30% is hefty as fuck too.

  7. Apple: You violated our rules. I’m sorry, but now you don’t exist.

  8. Makes sense, your using their market place to sell your product a percentage goes to the market place owner. You can’t just create a loophole to not pay the market place. If 30% was to high they should’ve discussed it with Apple and try to make a deal not just take it on their own terms to cut Apple out completely.

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  10. Well Google removed Fortnite from Play store as well so why are you only suing Apple? Sue Google as well lol 😂

  11. Wow epic wants all of the money when apple is boosting there sales!!?? What about all of the dances epic took that’s boosts there sales too. Everything from epic just seems unreal.

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