Fortnite – Official Marvel Nexus War Launch Trailer

Your favorite Marvel characters have arrived in Fortnite for Chapter 2, Season 4 – Nexus War. Join Thor, Iron Man, Storm, Groot, Mystique, Doctor Doom and Wolverine for an all-new twist on the Battle Royale.

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  1. One of my of
    My tiny little family members started crying because she realized she bought a skin with v bucks and now doesn’t have enough to get the battle pass. Seriously this game is just stupid and stupid rich. This is starting to get ridiculous lol

  2. So sad the first campaign was different but short and weak and now to top it off they got all this amazing content but nothing for the people that is not interested to play with other people. This Marvel universe content is amazing to bad is only exclusive to the mp

  3. Yawn corporate crap with shitty repetitive pointless gameplay, when are they going to properly remake 16-bit unknown materpieces such as Bounty Sword or Bahamut Lagoon? Would even like a Koudeka or Shadow Hearts remake.

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