Apex Legends Rampart Guide: Abilities And How To Use The New Legend

After spending time with Apex Legends Season 6, we break down the new legend, Rampart, providing crucial tips on how to master her abilities.

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  1. I haven’t played apex in a while but isn’t the fast paced gameplay and charecters are what made this game unique, like they’re asking people to camp at this point with Watson and caustic already campy enough

  2. It would've been cooler if you'd be able to pick up Sheela and use her on the go a bit more. Have her go through the long setup animation in cover, then peek around the corner with a massive LMG. Only limit would be the ammo

  3. Fun fact: Setting the barrier and Charging your Sentinel takes about 6-7 seconds if you do both simultaneously leading to a 212 Headshot or you can just mag dump an R99 without an extended mag and do 202 in under 3 Seconds.

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