Xbox Games Showcase Livestream With Pre and Post Show (July 2020)

Tune into the July edition of Xbox Games Showcase to see what Microsoft has in store for Xbox Series X games. We’ll get to see more of Halo Infinite, as well as more news, trailers, and world premieres.

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  1. Show the frigging gameplay, show the ray tracing, give the running specs, where are the other 120 hz games. Spend time breaking the game down showing its strengths. Sorry but this was crap. Xbox marketing needs to be shot because this was beyond rubbish…. NOT HAPPY

  2. sooooo basically halo and forza is all xbox has going on… lmao and we will be playing same on pc, anyways haha smdh consoles will forever be a crutch on the industry

  3. Jesus it hurts to say but I am disappointed with halo… it looks good dont get me wrong but fuuuuuck does it not blow me away. I was going to keep my opinion to myself but I do see other people saying the same thing about it.

  4. This was meant to be the day I was blown away, yeah right! What a disappointment. Even though it’s less powerful I am seriously considering getting a PS 5 and keeping the one x to play Forza. Get your act together Xbox, I thought you’d turned a corner but looks like I’m wrong. UP YOUR GAME XBOX!

  5. Wtf??? HALO!!! Their flagship franchise!!!!! On seriesX with all that touted power and it looks like it can be run on a supped up xbox360???? It should at least be on par with Doom, but its not even close. LMAO Unacceptable Microsoft!!!!!

  6. Halo Infinate doesn't look really that impressive, only slightly looking better than Halo 5 and it's still the same old gameplay with a few new gadgets and weapons. Plus the Thanos wannabe lol

  7. Great showcase for gamepass and nice range of games. But Halo was a huge disappointment, I really didn't like the basic art style. You can forgive the technical bugs like brutal pop in and disappearing grass. But the textures and environment was empty of detail. It didn't look like a AAA game at all, even in the 4k version of the trailer. It didn't even look like a good current gen game, let alone look like a next gen game. The game looks in mid development and in no way looks like a showcase title that will be ready for release in a few months. Looks like it needs another year of development time

  8. I’m glad y’all gave a fair shake of XB. Y’all had a lot of unnecessary hate last gen even when Spencer led a lot of things well which led to this turnaround. Kudos!

  9. What's wrong with you people? They showed a lot of diverse games and you'll get everything of it within your game pass subscription. In my opinion it was a much better showcase than the ps5 last month. Objectively they are offering you a much better service than playstation

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