Xbox Games Showcase Livestream (July 2020)

Tune into the July edition of Xbox Games Showcase to see what Microsoft has in store for Xbox Series X games. We’ll get to see more of Halo Infinite, as well as more news, trailers, and world premieres.

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  1. Xbox gotta step it up in my opinion. I mean hopefully this console doesn't break after a few months like all the other consoles they've made. Literally stopped caring about Xbox once my 3rd Xbox one broke

  2. Ummm… they talk about frame rate so much and honestly i never had a problem. Honestly the graphics look like they've been downgraded for this "frame rate"

  3. I was initially disappointed with this and had all but written Microsoft off for my next gen console purchase. But now that the dust has settled- I've had a look at the numbers and the list of games that have piqued my interest the most for next gen looks like this:

    Balan Wonderland X-PLATFORM
    Solar Ash X-PLATFORM (PS5 TIMED)
    Crossfire XBOX
    Avowed XBOX
    Grounded XBOX
    Psychonauts 2 XBOX
    Everwild XBOX
    Scorn XBOX
    Fable XBOX
    Project Athia PS5

    Sony's 1st party stuff looks incredible but they're pretty much all franchised sequels to games we've had recently on PS4 so nothing to get too excited over imo (GT7, Horizon 2, Spiderman, Ratchet and Clank)..

    Despite some great looking exclusives though, I would still need Microsoft to announce that the remainder of the FF7 remake will be coming to Xbox before I could legitimately consider making the switch from Sony. I think Microsoft underestimates the effort it will take to uproot people from their existing console ecosystem..Things have changed since 2013.
    Half Life Alyx becoming a console exclusive for one party could also be a game changer.
    The consoles aren't even here yet and I'm already tearing my hair out with the decision making process!!! 🤔🥵🤣

  4. didnt think I would consider the ps5 over the series X, but Damn, I feel like like this was more of an xbox one premier than a next gen

  5. Nice titles and everything but not to be a downer…why is the graphics so poor on all the games especially the flagship halo. All look like current generation or worse. I mean HZD and ghost of T look better then everything they showed and what they showed are supposed to be next gen? So disappointing but I guess you get what you pay for with the whole monthly pass thing… are they going for quantity over quality? Hopefully M$ figures it out soon because we all need strong competition between these consoles to keep them all sharp and advancing but sadly this was just a disappointment to me.

  6. We need more fantasy games , im tired of these futuristic robotic gun blasting bulshit . Reality is already fucked by those things give us an escape to a better place at least .
    Bring back medieval fantasy games !

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