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Tony Hawk On The Past And Future Of Pro Skater

Join us as Andrew Reiner and Alex Stadnik sit down with skateboard legend Tony Hawk to discuss why he’s excited for the upcoming remaster of his first two games and what he envisions for the future of the series.

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  1. I started skating when I was 5 now im 27 THPS 1 and seeing Tony Hawk do the 900 on TV is what got me started riding. I can't be more thankful for what he's done to influence the skateboarding community and several other pro's.

  2. 100% buying the physical version! I’ve been a skateboarder since I was 13 and this is a blast back to my childhood! Super stoked ????

  3. I really hope this is successful! If this remake does good it seems there is a possibility for a THPS3 to be made of this does good. I really really want a remake of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3, it’s my favorite one out of all the titles

  4. if this remaster is good, then get the devs to make a new th game, i want another underground type tony hawk game. or just remaster that tbh

  5. I certainly don't think we need a new THPS every year anymore, I would much rather maybe just 2 really high quality games in a console generation. It has been long enough now people seem to be excited for it again, but too many games like they did before and it gets boring again, sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder and too much of a good thing can be bad.

  6. Great time to be a gamer, with this remaster AND Skate 4 being announced we’re being blessed ?? All I need to die happy is a remaster of THUG 1 & 2.

  7. Tony, convince them to release a demo NOW, not pre-order release three days before bullshit. If you really want to hit people in the "nostalgia," this'll work.

  8. This was great and I have been excited for this game and what it can be since I first heard about it a month ago ?? I grew up with thps and have played most of them(I still have and play my original ps1 discs of 1 and 2)I love tony hawk and appreciate his skating and humble spirit, right on bro ??

  9. Imagine if Underground was remade with the original voice actors and they redid the cutscenes with 2020 PS5/Series X graphics. GOTY for sure.

  10. It's sad that there had to be a THPS Announcement for EA to sh*t their pants and announce Skate 4. Either way we've needed a new Skateboarding game since 2010.

  11. These were the ultimate skateboarding titles, I dread to think how many hours I put in to these games. Oddly I feel another purchase coming on for my PS4. I do wish they were porting them to the switch, as playing them on my switch lite would be amazing.

  12. Ohyes.
    Bring back THPS games to their deserved glory.
    Here in germany every gamer knows the franchise and we celebrate it 😀

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