State of Decay 3 – Official Cinematic Announcement Trailer

Watch the official announce trailer for State of Decay 3 and see what’s in store for the next chapter in State of Decay.

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  1. I am so excited the trailer was good so far now we need a gameplay trailer state of decay is so cool tho play, tho search resources and guns, every thing tho build your base and killing zets and the special one s screamer, ferels, blower, and juggernauts , especially in heartland they were hard to kill (bloodplauge ) I am so excited about part 3

  2. I hope they add a story mode for saskwatch from SOD2 on what really happened, what the army saw and how he trackdown and bring home the remaining armies.

  3. I like the vibe this trailer gives me seems like they are going for a more dark, serious, realistic approach compared to the other ones that are too cartoony and I can't take serious. It also seems like there will be a full fletched story mode with cutscenes and the face animations look amazing hopefully Microsoft is giving them a AAA budget. But yeah reminds me of days gone and dying light, I really like that a lot.

  4. Why the fuck zombie animals, if they're a new special zombie then it's grand but if its something like a walker or runner then they basically just added a common feral

  5. Quite interesting that after failure of 2nd one they want to make 3rd. Hope this time guys will make bigger alpha-beta test period, as 1rst one was good game, 2nd one – carnival of useless mechanics, not totally well applied features and countless bugs.

  6. I've been a Playstation guy my whole life then I bought a laptop for the first time and my friend introduced me to SoD2. I've been playing everyday for 2 months now.

    Btw, I got stuck with the New Order mission in the Sheriff legacy. How can I fix that? Objectives won't pop up even after changing maps and killing all the Hearts again.

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