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Star Wars: Squadrons — New Gameplay Today

Join Jeff Cork, Andrew Reiner, and Alex Stadnik as they enter the cockpit of the genre’s most iconic ships in EA Motive’s combat flight sim Star Wars: Squadrons.

Fans excited to jump into an X-Wing or TIE Fighter don’t have long to wait as Star…

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  1. When you say 5vs5 do you actually mean there’s 5 players on the enemy team and 5 players only? Or are there AI flying around as well? Because 5 enemies is going to feel so empty, one person could literally be able to wipe out the whole enemy team and then the map is empty while they all respawn

  2. I mainly like competitive games (as in tournament play) I am hoping the community for this game is large enough and the rng is low enough that this game can be played competitively with smart team play and strategies.
    edit: Is there a competitive discord already made for this game before release link me if there is.

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