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Naughty Dog On The Last Of Us Part II’s Controversy, Characters, And Ending

In this Game Informer podcast extra, we have a spoiler-filled interview with The Last of Us Part II’s creative director Neil Druckmann and narrative lead Halley Gross. The Last of Us Part II is one of the biggest releases of the year and has…

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  1. I think they should have left the original ending. Playing as Abby would have been justified. They could have showed Lev’s struggle being left alone. That way when Ellie was going back to kill her, it wouldn’t seem like it was for nothing. Then the weight of Ellie losing everything for redemption would have made more sense… I’ve went back and forth defending the ending but I honestly think that would have been best for the story being told.

  2. Nobody on here mentioned the feminism and weird fetish Neil brought to gamers with Abby being more buffed than a man whos on a strict diet and exercise regimen? Might as well sell Naughty Dog to Disney or Twitter/Facebook.

  3. Hopefully Naughty Dog improves upon their gameplay with their next game. It's astonishing how little the gameplay in their games has evolved over the years. To me there are only to explanations for this:
    1. They think their gameplay is good enough.
    2. They don't know how to do it better.
    I think it's probably a mix of both.
    In any case they should definetely hire some new gamplay programmers for their future game.

  4. This game hit me so hard I cried. I cry thinking about that ending. I honestly think they should have made the vaccine, but the message seems to be in the vein of "what people do when faced with impossible moral dilemmas". There was no way out, really, from that situation. Heartbreaking. Amazing writing; truly amazing.

  5. Who was saying that Ellie was going around killing Christians and Abby was trans and trying to replace men? Druckman said it like that was a major argument haaah

  6. Great interview. Gotta say though, I do think it would have been more honest for the character of Ellie to kill Abby after all that she had already done during the story (mass murdering over 100 WLF to get to her)

  7. Wether you enjoyed TLOU2 story or not, it’s undoubtedly a masterpiece when it comes to game design and attention to detail. I throughly enjoyed the gameplay, although wasn’t a huge fan of the story. Regardless, hats off to naughty dog for a truly amazing work of art.

  8. Neil said that he made a rule of cutting or changing anything that did not fit the character, but why did Joel let his guard down so much, why didn't Ellie care about Shimmer at all, who kills vita girl and leaves the vita on the floor?

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