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Hyper Scape — New Gameplay Today Live

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Tack and Leo take on Ubi’s streamer-friendly Battle Royale. Watch on Twitch to earn drops:

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  1. Another FPS battle royale? I've kind of had my fill. Someone get EA on the phone and tell them to get a BR mode in Squadrons. A gigantic space BR set in the Star Wars universe? I'd sign up in a heartbeat!

  2. Полнейшая залупа в мире батлроялей, юбисофт хватаются за все жанры, лишь бы ужрать побольше бабла, но делают это на ваолне отъебись, скучная и сырая, выйдет с описанием "обт" и делать ничего не будут, шлак

  3. Dunkaroos were the best. I believe they still sell them in Australia or at least they did long after they were removed from the US because they were so unhealthy. lol.

  4. Okay, I heard about this game and thought "Another one? Yeesh. What a cash grab." But honestly after watching this… It doesn't look half bad. I like the mobility mostly

  5. not gonna lie…im prophesying a "mid-jumppad" [fakeout] mechanic needed…real quick…but it looks awesome…all i remember from quake 3 is just constantly getting a bit tired of the jump pads…in fact…if yall could do an m-f'n # joby on the entire jump pad phenomenon…that would help…

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