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How The Last of Us Part II Originally Ended

On this excerpt from The GI Show, we sit down with Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann and Halley Gross to discuss how the story originally ended in the beginning drafts of The Last of Us Part II.

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  1. Hey Alex and Ben, I like pulling interesting pieces of the podcast out into new videos to pull in new viewers, but can you denote them as clips of the full podcast so I know I can skip over them if I already listened to the full show?

  2. I honestly think that the story is what keeps this game from being the best game ever made and even the best game on the ps4. Joel dying didn't ruin the game but I feel like this happened way to early in the game and nothing matched this climatic event for the entire rest of the game. The middle of the game when the switch is made to play as Abby was a nice change up to leave a cliffhanger but I feel like humanizing Abby made me dislike Joel as well as start to understand/accept that Ellie needed to die which brings me to where the whole story went wrong. I felt as though there were a million better storylines than the one of Ellie being let go and then deciding to go back to find Abby again…..then to make matters worse she decides to let her live after giving her a brutal beating. I cannot emphasize more how let down I was by the way the storyline played out. The charm that made the last of us so great was the storyline. It was well written and sucked us all in. This one had the chance to do the same but failed to do so even after a promising start.

  3. They should've given the players the choice to kill Abby. Also if they wanted us to sympathize with her they should have let us play as her longer before Joel died.

  4. Dear Neil Cuntman
    TLOU 2 has a really good graphic, other stuff but the story is the whole fucking mess (like when Abby says she is gratefull for poeple who saved her but she killed Joe and he saved her) pls dont be at the development of the part 3 it would good for poeple or at least work with Amy Henning or dont let SJW, political corection and LGTB opress you.

  5. I hated playing as Abby it just ruined it for me and I probably died the most with her I just played The last of us and then bought the last of us 2 so I just spent all that time with Joel a quick fix to me would have been Joel would have gotten kidnapped for the same reason being tortured and what lengths would Ellie have to go to get him back.

  6. Thank god cause the ending was perfect.I liked that Ellie gave Abby a chance to escape and live.They both gone through a lot and did bad things because of that so no one was perfect

  7. The game is a masterpiece, the devs knew wtf they were doing, let them do their craft. All these people bitching are the same people that get upset because they need to wear a mask and can't understand that a business also has a right to boot them out without a mask.

    Anyway, naughty dog got me to first hate Abby due to Joel but then ended up actually liking Abby more than Ellie. I hope part 3 is focused on Abby and Lev. Can't wait.

  8. As much as I hated what transpired before this conclusion, I gotta say that Ellie won. She remained her humanity, forgiven Joel, still have Dina, JJ, Tommy, and Maria back at home, and be able to live a life knowing that she’s better than Abby.

  9. "The old Ellie, the Ellie with humanity" oh you mean the Ellie who killed a bunch of canibals before killing the shit out of a guy with a machette and if you say joel is bad then why do you say the old ellie under the influence of joel.

  10. So they went from the ending we WANTED and changed halfway to this bullshit ending?! Also to say "who Joel was" is fucking trash. Cuz we KNOW if Ellie was killed Joel would kill whoever the fuck did it with no questions. Revenge is the RIGHT choice. Joel was practically Ellie's father, to say it's more "honest to the character" that she wouldn't kill the bitch that killed her only father figure is, IMO also complete crap. Who wouldn't want to get revenge on a person that ended the life of a loved one? And in a world where rules stopped existing a long time a go and now it's just survival of the fittest killing Abby is the RIGHT way to go. Idk what kind of sociopath they're turning Ellie into, to just let it go. But that's not how real people would do things in that scenario.

    Ellie has killed regular humans for much less. It's like they pretty much tried to discredit everything the 1st game did by simply saying they're trying to be "honest to the character"

    TLOU 1 Ellie killed the guy that almost killed Joel. Or did we forget that?

    TLOU 2 Ellie let's the girl that actually killed Joel go…

    Something doesn't make sense. I hate it. It's not true to anything. They're not staying honest to anything. They made a bad game, and now they're trying to cover up for it.

  11. They let Abby live because she’s going to take over the franchise. On the main screen after beating the game, we can see that the boat she and Lev escaped on after the fight with Ellie is washed up on an island with a dome building in the background which is what the Firefly told her over the radio in Santa Barbara. They’re already setting up a Part 3 focused on solely Abby.

  12. To be honest I think the story makes sense. I've read people's opinions and I kinda made up my mind about the game, if you sit down and think about it, It really makes sense. The internet hate is stupid. I have seen people like that twitch streamer who said they didn't want to play Abby for longer because "she might be transgender" or they didn't like Ellie because she was a lesbian. Those reasons are stupid reasons to hate the game, as Séan said people need to accept homosexuality and trans people even in sequels of games that they love. Anyway back to what I was saying, Ellie was haunted by vengeance, she wanted to avenge Joel, he was truly like a father to her and I understand the reason she was so angry, she saw Joel's death with her own eyes, she felt the pain. She was so sure about killing Abby, it was like she inked Abby's death. And the game decided to switch to Abby after Joel's death to make players learn a little more about Abby and to not think of her as a bad person. The game was like, "Woah, hold on a sec. Let me introduce you Abby. She isn't what she seems to be.". Yes, I know switching to Abby this fast was kinda wack and unexpectable. But I think that Neil knew a lot of people would stop playing the game after Joel's death so he decided to introduce them who Abby is, I didnt like her either in the beginning. But after I learned more about her I started liking her. She is an interesting character. After Ellie went to that farmhouse with Dina, she said that, that would be the end of her quest for Abby. But as someone said, Ellie had PTSD. She was haunted by her actions and Joel's death, it was like, necessary for her to kill Abby. She did not come after her in Santa Barbara to avenge Joel, but the thought that her "father's" murderer was still alive haunted her. If you remember, she said that she couldn't eat and couldn't sleep. She tried to kill Abby because of her PTSD. It was basically torturing her to death. She had to kill Abby to find peace within her, to sleep and know that Joel's murderer paid the price. But in the very final battle, when she nearly killed Abby, she remembered the old Ellie, the Ellie with humanity, the Ellie with a heart. Letting Abby survive was like letting go, she let Abby leave and take Joel's soul with her. Old Ellie was finally back. If the ending of the game was different (if Ellie killed Abby), I would have been very disappointed in the developers. But they made the right choice. Thank God

  13. To be honest, I have much more of an issue with why Abby, who the game takes great pains to paint as just an ordinary girl, has no issue with her child-murdering Doctor Frankenstein father and his morality-free, brain dissecting medical experiments? If I were such a girl, I think I'd be more traumatised by that, than some random father trying to save his little girl. In the years that Abby fed her hate and revenge, wouldn't an 'ordinary' person think that through? Abby's 4 year long blood feud across the zombie-infested, apocalyptic wasteland …is the act of a deranged psychopath, not a well balanced person.

    Having Abby act like a deranged psychopath and then spend half the game trying to press the reset button and make us like her, is a non sequitur. Especially as the game has to make a considerable effort to turn us off dog-murdering Ellie, in order to try and create some kind of emotional parity between Ellie and Abby. I just ended up disliking both of them.

    The actions of Abby at the beginning of the game are inconsistent with a rational, reasonable person. Which is probably why the story never succeeds in turning her into one, in spite of the efforts of the narrative. Meanwhile, the actions of Ellie and Joel are inconsistent with their own characters established canon.

  14. Absoljte trash. You shouldnt have let her go to fight ellie. She lost so much and then you make her lose her loved one. Worst ending you could have tought of.

  15. Ellie kills hundreds of innocent people WE WANTED TO SHOW ELLIES HUMAN SIDE BY MAKING HER NOT TO KILL HER ENEMY.They should admit that they changed the ending so they can make a part 3 and generate more money.

  16. 5.6 user score Neil drunkman, that's after you cried to MetaCritic to get people's reviews deleted, that's pretty sad. Imagine what the true score is probably 3. You have a problem taking criticism

  17. Imagine if we could have played this game the way we played the first one, mostly as Joel but for a long mission we play as Ellie but this time in reverse? It would have been amazing to be Ellie most of the time and have the 1 or 2 bad ass missions as Joel but for some reason they made the terrible mistake of not letting us play as Joel or letting him be a part of this journey for revenge. Disappointing

  18. It is amazing that the player go from hate Abby in the begining and like Ellie forgive Abby in the end when we can forgive there are hope fore the Earth.

  19. I love Abby love to play her first i hate her but the longer i play her i love her , and i love that Ellie saved Abby and Lev, ass a player i was so afraid in the end that Ellie shoud kill Abby if Ellie have kille me (Abby) she Will be lost forever but when she lett me live i feel so much love for Ellie and i know that she can start loving People again and lett go off the Hate.

  20. Surprised They even considered it. To me it would be a DIS-SERVICE to the Moral of the Story being told if Ellie was to just succumb to Her Notion of Justice and Kill abby. I woulda been pissed if Ellie Killer her too considering she let ellie LIVE on TWO occasions.

  21. Universe send us the biggest garbage of a man that Neil is, and he can feel that, just look at him, swinging on the chair and avoiding eye contact. Imagine talking to a person like that irl, I wouldnt have the slightest pleasure, fishy human being.

  22. Returning the game. Not buying the new one if she’s even CLOSE to the story or directing.
    For fuck sakes this story could’ve been amazing but nah

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