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How Much Of A Remake Is Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2?

While the announcement of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 has been met with a wave of positivity, fans have wondered how the beloved franchise would hold up in 2020. Join Andrew Reiner and Alex Stadnik as they sit down with Leo Zuniga, Senior Game…

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  1. I get a better Feeling about 1+2 AS more i See of the Team. Trailers are awesome , physics lookin good,Not 100% but AS dar U can Go with modern engine to let IT Look Natural. Cant wait dir the Demo.

  2. I think they don't need to change level layout much for reverts. I play THUG Pro. I play more than enough THPS1 and THPS2 maps. They work pretty much just fine as is. I hope they add in wallplants too.

  3. okay remaster 1-2 then make a brand new Tony Hawk game and make it a complete open world that has the features of all the Tony Hawk games. We are craving a good skate game, just don’t make it an annual game. With Skate coming back too, we don’t want to many games.

  4. It's a remake, remastered, redone, it's an again. It's beautiful. It's cool that they're even releasing it. I'm sure no one expects anything crazy, or groundbreaking new. It's two good games that need to be released every console that's it. Maybe 3 because Proskater 3 needs to get remade.

  5. Tony hawk series is my past time 100!! But for some reason I’m more fixated on a remake/revamp of the Cool Boarders series. Anyone feeling that?

  6. They should make an open world skating game like Skate has done. I think that would be outstanding. Like THUG 1 and 2 but a bigger map.

    Remaster THUG 1 and 2 tho

  7. This game is going to be amazing based off all the gameplay footage, it looks like it will play just like how we want it to, and if they released more games with more maps, new mechanics, and gameplay features that would be beyond sick.

  8. I love these games they take me back to the good old days so getting this game on ps4 i have some high expectations, especially after the horrible mechanics and game play controls for pro skater 5

  9. But will there be cheat codes? I want my rocket board to um…fully appreciate the levels and totally not cheese high scores.

  10. I loved those handheld versions. Sitting at my car on lunch breaks during work and just flying thru levels after showing down some Burger King. Good times.

  11. I believe in VV. I think they really care and hopefully it feels as good as it looks. I think it will. We need a THPS3 (and 4) remaster next please

  12. If I was going to make the game and I was coming up with levels I would want them all recreations of real place. That way you really feel like you're Tony Hawk.

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