Ghost of Tsushima Review

Ghost of Tsushima has some dull edges, but strikes a lot of highs with its cinematic stylings. Sucker Punch’s action-adventure Ghost of Tsushima will be available on PS4 on July 17. You can read the full written Ghost of Tsushima review by Edmond Tran on GameSpot:…

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  1. Paid by Microsoft to shit on ps4 exclusives but sadly nobody gives two flying Fu*ks about your review, and whatever that your tryna do won't work, this is undoubtedly one the best games ever made period

  2. Damn 6k dislikes on a GAmespot Review ? Where am I at, at an IGN review?

    Ima still buy this game despite harsh critics … as always , 5.0 rated games should be 9.0 or higher and 9.0 games should be 5.0 games …of rated by ign n now gamespot

  3. I actually prefer that the characrers emote mainly from their voice and facial expression rather than use the same prerecorded body movements over and over (cough) the witcher
    Its less distracting.

  4. This was the video that unsubscribed me from gamespot reviews and I haven’t visited their site since. 7/10 is completely ridiculous…

  5. People say this game is repetitive. Same people go gaga over Ghost of tsushima.. GOT was the epitome of repetitive game play hours after hours . If you played the first hour.. you got the whole gameplay..

  6. Its good. Camera takes getting used to though. A lot of similarities to Horizon Zero Dawn, sony exclusives seem to be sharing the same successful formula that works. Gets a little rinse and repeaty, with side quests starting to feel insignificant by the end of act 2, and I was way too overpowered by the end of the game playing on medium difficulty. Combat lost all feeling of danger except for the rare duel here and there. Haven't tried Legends mode yet, but I hear good things.

  7. I agree that the camera is not very good during combat and you are kinda forced to be a ghost so when you do fight them head on, there will be less people to worry about

  8. I'm mad late I know lol.. A 7 smh wow, I'm lost of words . I just finished playing ghost of tsushima and to me is a game of the

  9. I guess all these virginal crybabies just scrolled to the end of the review and rage-downvoted the video based on the rating? All these comments misunderstanding this analytical but still positive review hurts me.

  10. This is the single worst review of any game I have ever seen. GameSpot is becoming well known as the place for horrible reviews put forth by self indulgent overly critical nitwits. What a disgrace.

  11. 7/10 idk about that even if someone had no desire to play this game there is no denying it’s praise. Honestly it wasn’t a game I really followed but now I cannot wait to get the extra cash so i can play it.

  12. Is it me, or does the guy have some sort of deep rooted grudge over this game. It feels like he was passive agressive throughout the entire review.

  13. What an uninspiring review.. one of the best games that's come out in a while yet you give it a mediocre score , yet I've seen GameSpot give cookie cutter games and truly mediocre games big scores. This is why you can't have multiple reviewers on one channel there's no consistency. Ghost of tshushima is not perfect the camera is bad at times the side quest cut scenes are uninspiring but for all its faults it does a million things right

  14. I agree with many of the points of the review, including the flaws.. but then the final mark does not reflect the contents of the review itself. You give 7 to a decent game, a game like many others. Not to a game that makes many things better than its competitors. Give it a 8 at least, or explain better why it deserves a 7. It almost seems like Gamespot reviewers try to be "controversial" with their scores just to attract more views. I would have respected even a 5 to this game if the motivations were properly explained.

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