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Ghost of Tsushima Review – A Most Honorable Epic

While it’s sure to garner comparisons to games that came before it, Ghost of Tsushima stands tall due to its gorgeous open world, somber yet thrilling story, and engaging combat system. Please enjoy this peek into what makes Ghost one of the best…

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  1. I listened to another review that mentioned annoyance with the camera I didn't think of. Because the attacks are on face buttons and there is no target lock, you can't adjust the camera while attacking. That seems like an odd choice and like it could be really annoying. Hope they add an option to map attack buttons to the shoulder buttons so players can alter the camera angle while fighting.

  2. A bit too much information on the story there, I appreciate wanting to be detailed in your review but perhaps a more high less look would be better. That or a spoiler warning somewhere. I had to stop watching as I felt the descriptions were too specific.

  3. Glad that I see mainly good scores for this game. Been interested in samurai games since Soul of the samurai on the original PlayStation

  4. I still can’t believe this is being compared to AC. I guess climbing in a historical environment makes something an AC copy now a days. GoT feels original in my opinion.

  5. Yeah this shit is riddled with spoilers and I have to whole heartedly disagree on the AC comparison. Maybe don’t ruin the game for viewers in your review?

  6. Pretty much all of Sony's First Party New IP's this gen are HITS in one form of another. Their just killing the game man.

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