Far Cry 6 – Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer

“Are you evil? Are you a monster?” a ruthless dictator asks his son as they watch protesters call for revolution in the streets. Antón Castillo rose to power on the promise of restoring the once-prosperous island nation of Yara back to its former glory, and plans to forge his vision of…

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  1. Anyone know movies and tv shows, that have this kind of feeling and looks.. set in mexico city, cuba or something.. and a dictator maybe.. this one realy look good.. and that voice is just superb.. anyway thanx in advance guys

  2. At first I thought El presidente is only encouraging his son for violence and brutality when he gave that boy a grenade but then it makes very clear that – "If he (the boy) cant hold the grenade (citizens) with discipline , it will bring chaos and destruction to all ". That's why he told his son to hold the grenade and to breathe.

  3. I bet the kid has a car modal part like the radio antenna or somthing and uses it as a pin when we get the game and get to see the rest of the cut scene. Or people go boom.

  4. Am I the only one who sympathized with the police in this video? They were just standing their with riot shields doing their jobs and people are throwing molotov cocktails at them. I would hate to have their job. It would be cool if you got to play as the kid as the protagonist instead, and you go around putting down the rebellion

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