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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout — New Gameplay Today

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is refreshingly simple. As you play through several rounds of simple, Mario Party-style minigames, don’t lose. Every round, more players are cut from the initial wave of 60 players, ultimately leading to a sole guy…

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  1. I'm downloading this right now because of ps plus. This game honestly looks amazing fun graphics and honestly looks like a blast

  2. My problem with this game is that if people keep on playing this game long enough like 10 to 20 games for example, then this game would be so boring unless they put like a map creator for people to make their own challenges to make the game last long enough.

  3. Awesome! I've got some great tips and content on Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout as well! Looking for more followers for my stream, and friends to play with. Enjoy, and great video!!

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