Devolver Direct Livestream

Tune in to Devolver Digital Direct on July 11 at 12pm PDT to get a look at new gameplay reveals including Shadow Warrior 3 and more.

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  1. From video game expos about playable video games to expos about trailers to trailers about trailers to games about expos with playable trailers of games… Brilliant.

    I fucking love Devolver Digital with all my heart.

  2. The chat had a few people crying about hotline 3 and that they didnt understand what was going on ah poor fools thinking this was a normal confrence XD

  3. Im genuinely afraid of all these people now… The psychotic rambling nonsense words from the main evil chick will haunt my brain forever. Also I can never hear the word future again

  4. If SW 3 is anything like 2 I’m skipping it without a second thought. The 2013 Shadow Warrior was a masterpiece but SW 2 was complete and utter shit.

  5. Imagine being Mahria Zook and having this bunch of great scenes on your demo reel but having to hope no one asks you to explain the context

  6. "Uncle that works at Nintendo" and "and that guy is a monster" in the same segment. I see what you did there but I love "my father's long, long legs" more

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