Carrion – Exclusive First 25 Minutes of Monster Massacre Gameplay

In this GameSpot exclusive for Devolver Digital’s reverse-horror game, Carrion, we have an extended look at the game’s grotesque and over-the-top action where you play as a mutating blob on the loose in a secret facility filled with unsuspecting humans. Launching on July 23 for PC, Xbox One, and…

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  1. I like how most of people are saying that carrion is based off a asexual red mass without any organs and feeds on humans to stay alive instead of s alien trying to feed itself to humans so it can fix the ship

  2. I wish there's a crossover between this and among us.. which would make it really similar to the thing movie's… Also would be awesome to play among us with this kind carnage XD

  3. I don't get the hype. It looks like a game you would play on the original Gameboy like 20 years ago. Is this what the kids like playing these days?

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