Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Is The Ultimate Viking Experience

(Presented by Assassin’s Creed Valhalla & Xbox) From its brutal combat options to its Dark Age open world, we take a look at why Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is aiming to let you live out your greatest Viking fantasies on 11/17 on Xbox One and coming soon to Xbox Series X.

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  1. Disgusting, still using the same assets and no improvements, at least none in the game of course cash shops will be improved.

  2. People complaining about assassin’s creed being different and more “rpg” style , seriously ?, it needed a refresh in terms of style of play for years! It was the same shit year after year (it still is ) but at least they trying something different , I’m not a fan boy as I only played the first game and I didn’t like it , but I give them credit for changing the formula , it was stale as fuck

  3. my ultimate viking experience was when i was about 9-8 years old, we agreed with boys from another neighborhood to make an RP of vikings vs arabs (we live in the middle east) and the objective was they need to protect 5 kilograms of sunflower seeds (semechki) from our hands we were 10 attackers vs 7 defenders, we had weaponry made from improvised foam the only thing was made from metal was the lids of 25 KG vegan oil cans we used as shields, we won with the last two players and took the prize with us and that was my best viking experience i had. What is yours?

  4. 0:12 yeah a Viking game. Not a goddamn Assassin’s creed game in which the whole point is to be an assassin. You know, the people who work in the shadows? A Viking doesn’t do that. So you could literally call this anything else other than assassin’s creed and I’d believe you. Sorry after syndicate I feel like the AC games just became not AC games.

  5. i like how they specify that its everything u want from a viking game, but ytf is it called assassins creed then? this franchise has been driven into the ground from the cashgrabs

  6. "the ultimate viking experience" abandons all historical accuracy on viking culture. Cool for fantasy! not for the video game series that is meant to be an accurate representation of the cultures it surrounds in each installment. Not saying it's the first time an atrocity like this has passed, but definitely the most relevant to the present day.

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