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Join Andy McNamara and Alex Stadnik as they watch what the future of PlayStation holds with the GI Community.

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  1. ?‍♂️ great looking games but non that I’m interested in. System looks amazing but no software for me yet. Not a day one buy personally even if they have the inventory

  2. Best looking console ever. Fact. Modern, sleek, sexy. Damn, those curves ? Finally we got a proper glimpse of the next gen. Good varied selection of games, still so many other Sony studios to show their hand too.

  3. I like how their.. is this Demon's Souls…. Shows they never played it, since it showed most of all the bosses lol. Village footage I knew it was Resident Evil 8, no one saw the umbrella. Man swear, gamers today are clueless. It's good though, need to move past Zombies, this will be a trip.

  4. I mean u have the last of us 2 and ghost coming soon and u know there’s not gonna be a god of war or something yet come on man . Compared to Xbox come on guys really ? Demon souls , Spider-Man , horizon , resident evil , death loop , kena looked great and ratchet and clank ! Plus they showed the console ! That was bangin

  5. Some great vids in this. A few tent pole games like the awesome HZD FW, RE 8 and Spiderman MM. But apart from them, it was the cool indie type games like Jett and Little Devil Inside were the ones that really intrigued me.

    The console itself is a bold design, but mark my words, too many nooks, crannies and bumps, so a total dust trap 😀

  6. Guys I loved the stream, and Sony's awesome show definitely helped!

    One request though? Could everyone on the stream maybe view it from Alex's machine this way everyone is seeing and responding to it at the same time as us viewers?

    It's not a huge deal, but it does detract from the experience a little.

  7. Without HZD 2 this would've been very disappointing. No really big, new, AAA announcements, nothing genuinely surprising, nothing that looked visually next-gen with the exception of a few snippets of Horizon(which will inevitably look astonishing, I've got no worries there), no price point, no confirmed release date, no info on console storage size…

    And yet…I'm still excited. And Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is doing a lot of work for Sony, because that has instantly leapt into my top three most anticipated games currently in development, alongside Breath of the Wild 2 and Elden Ring. Even if it had just been that single announcement I'd have been stoked.

  8. I always said once the games get on the same level of power as the movies then gaming will be on some next level shit and I think that time is NIGH

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