The Last of Us Part 2's Violence Is Ruthlessly Cold

We got an extended look at The Last Of Us Part 2 just before launch. Here’s Ed Tran’s play-by-play of everything that happens in an extended gameplay spoiler-free session.

As Sony showed off in its State of Play stream, The Last of Us: Part II is a brutal, violent game. That’s part of the…

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  1. Theres nothing wrong with violence and gore in a game, its not for kids and sensitive people, the game is based on survival of the fittest, kill or be killed.

  2. You’re really going to have to go into detail as too why this game deserves a score higher than a 6/10 i personally dont think this game deserves a score higher than a 4 unless you value graphics very highly in the games you play but in a linear story based game i would think the final score would be dictated by how great the plot was in your eyes from 0-6 then everything else sound music gameplay how it runs should make up the remaining 4 of the final verdict in the score

  3. Its the resistance that makes it so effective. When the character grabs the knife and tries to stop it from penetrating deeper it makes them feel more alive. Its the struggle to live that makes it

  4. i actually LOVE how brutal the killing is. I think it is meant to make you feel somewhat guilty, and make you feel sorry. This is important, because that is what a high stress, fight or flight combat situation is like. You don't LIKE doing it… but you do what you must to survive.

  5. it's fun how all these outlet says "there is no spoiler in this video".
    we all know YOU CAN'T spoil anything, because otherwise you have to buy any other playstation exclusive games after this and your website will also goes to black list from sony.

  6. The last of us and Uncharted are so different in gameplay brutality and sadism, it makes you wonder how these were made by the same studio

  7. sometimes in a world that's that brutal violence is survival so I can understand shes a teenager and shes been through a lot it's all she knows but then again its survival

  8. I can only hope for the best. I keep playing the first one so I can measure the continuity when the next one comes out. I really hope for the best.

  9. I don't care, i have to play this game. People Who says this game is to violence. The are whining, 80 procent of all games in the world are violence.
    People wants action, a nice story and drama just like the movies.

  10. why would you enjoy stabbing some one in the face? can someone explain this to me? there is so much violence in this game, it makes the first one look like a cartoon parody.

  11. Great. Hope the long term mental issues suffered from the developers who had to animate and model these scenes pays off for the 'eXpErIeNcE'.

  12. Endlessly bleak is not what I need right now. The sickening violence is not fun or escapist. I'd rather remember the first game as it is.

  13. I had to take a break from this game because it made me feel nauseous because even when I killed a normal zombie it was just to real? The blood effects and sound design made me just feel sad and guilty. I have strong stomach I can look at gore not feel a thing but this game has something to it like you feel the people.

  14. the violence is a deal breaker for me, i already know real world violence is ugly and bad, i don't need to see this, and it would not be fun at all to force myself through

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