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The Last of Us Part 2 Review

Even after years of heightened anticipation, The Last of Us Part II proves to be a masterclass in not only storytelling but in the melding of its central themes with its harrowing gameplay. But does it live up to the heights of the first entry in…

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  1. GI just lost all my respect and trust as reviewers….im having to force myself through it…and I love ND and these types of games…this is a story game…and the story is complete and utter garbage.. doesn't matter how good the graphics or gameplay is…which gameplay is nothing to write home about.
    Im baffled at all the perfect scores top critics gave it.
    Skill up and gamespot were being too kind in their critical reviews

  2. I can’t even stand that tattoo that Ellie has.. Definitely not a masterpiece for me if I’m not enjoy playing these characters. And that transgender female in a male body.. Painful to even watch. The Last of Us part 1 was a great game thought.

  3. Based on all of the negative feedback that are coming from players, streamers etc., it is quite clear that some aspects could have been handled better in terms of execution.

  4. "The Best narrative game"!!! Are you serious? i like the gameplay but the story telling is bad,just stright up bad, lazy writting, if someone says otherwise they are selling something.

  5. JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA 10 out of 10 JAJAJAJAJAJAJA Materpiece JAJAJAJAJAJA Best narrative JAJAJAJAJAJA. What a joke GI you really believe that?!!! The story of this game is dog shit, they literally flushed Joel down the toilet like a stinky turd, what a moron send out a beloved character like Joel like that. The moment they spit on Joel's face they spit on the face of thousands of gamers and GI did too by giving this a 10 LMFAO what a disgrace. Does ND realize what they freaking did? the missed golden opportunity they absolutely fucking destroyed? They could have done 3, 4, 5, 6 games about TLOU but how in hell would they do that when they erased and spit on the core thing that made TLOU such an acclaimed game, they erased and tried to force into fans the believe that Joel was an old evil selfish fool who deserved to be killed like a "pendejo." Well, thousands of fans disagree we loved Joel and we are pissed about how ND shit on him for a stupid NPC. I mean this is like if we were to go back to uncharted 2 or one of the earlier Lara Croft games, GOW, or Mario games and find out that in the sequel game for those characters they get murdered cause they're bad and now we have a new main character you must played and BTW this new character killed the previous main character. In essence ND had in Joel a character that could potentially had been at the level of Mario, Lara Croft, Drake, Kratos and they just pissed and spit on him and flushed him down the toilet like nothing. TLOU was about Joel and Ellie but ND got too pretentious and smart and somehow forgot that, gamers didn't. Joel and Ellie will live forever on the 1st game cause anything after that is dog shit.

  6. Finished the game and it is nowhere near a 10. I hope it was worth how much naughty dog paid you for the review because everyone is starting to see that your reviews are not to be trusted in the future.

  7. Consider your publication cancelled in my home. You are cowards bending your knee to the mob and I won't be apart of it. The independent media has absolutely decimated you with good reason. May your publication crash and burn.

  8. I cannot stand these reviewers that never include at least one bad thing about the game. These disgusting fake reviewers are paid, don’t think you’re slick Game informer & IGN.

  9. The Last of Us 2 on its own is a great game, I’m just tired of today’s unwritten rule in entertainment that says LGBT/feminism must be in everything we see and hear. This game’s story is like an over-the-top episode of Maury Povich. Converted lesbian falls in love and gets played by a two-timing bisexual who gets pregnant by another guy. A pregnant woman constantly putting her unborn child in danger to show how tough women are. What’s w/ these fat, burly chicks w/ pickaxes? Why does Abbey have the manliest physique in a video game? Did she raid all the GNCs in Seattle and gorge herself w/ protein powder? Watching Abbey’s sex scene was very disturbing, like being forced to watch gay porn. It’s unrealistic to believe that men/women in a post-apocalyptic world wouldn’t revert back to traditional gender roles.

  10. It's hilarious to me that people are too feeble and cognitively dissonant to understand that the game is trying to challenge your emotions. Feelings of rage, anger, sadness, and confusion are exactly what they wanted you to feel. It never asks you to empathize, only to understand. Then it goes out of its way both both humanize and dehumanize its characters through loss and blind rage. People are pissed at the game for making them feel a certain way; feelings of conflict and utter sadness. But that's the point of a tragedy. It's not supposed to be fun, it's just trying to tell a story in spite of your expectations, feelings, and desires. This game really put me into some weird dark places. It broke me on a number of occasions, and I at least sympathized with everyone, seeing the justification and poor judgment in their actions, and the weight and repercussions those actions held. I think too people people became funnel visioned on this being a revenge story, and missed just about all of the other nuances. Either that, or they flat out couldn't move beyond some character's actions coming full circle and leading them down either dark futile paths or to grim fates.

  11. I loved this game because I love Ellie and Joel, the conflict and struggle naughty dog wnted us to ecpirience is masked by the rage of killing our favorite character early in the game and misplaced climax just in the middle of the game.
    I spent the 1st 12 hrs brutally killing everybody to revenge Joel's death and all that conflict is pushed away by this anger the Abby part I was rushing to get to the end what ever the cost….

    Killing Joel was not as epic as we excpected ((he usually doesnt trust anyone and he was easly cornered))
    They should have made fight fo this after surviving all of this he just cant die that easy..

  12. All in all, This game is good. People started hating this game before it came out cause of some reason. This is not a game where you watch 10 mins clip of a YouTuber and give your opinion upon that but this is the kind of game which challenges your heart and soul and you have to Invest yourself and play the game from Start to end and then go to the mirror and say "This game didn't affect me at all". If not then ur a Robot cause this is probably the ONLY game which gave me a Rollercoaster of emotions that no game has ever given (Ghost OT also had me crying tbh). That's why Reviewers love it and a lot of fans hate it, Cause the Reviewers have actually PLAYED the game from Start and the other lot that hate game might or might have not played the game. 10/10 game from me.

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