PS5 Reveal Event Livestream With Pre and Post Show

Tune in as Sony reveals the future of the PlayStation 5 by showing off new games and more. Watch as Lucy, Michael, and Tam talk about what they hope to see from the reveal, and offer their thoughts after the show.

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  1. Meh. Very flashy, alot action, but not much more than better graphics. We'll be desensitized to the graphics after a while but the evolution of the mechanics of interacting with the virtual world from within or from the outside seems to have taken a backseat today. Pretty yes, than that ?

  2. The car game mechanic is probably, when your vehicle is done, you can run around and jack somebody else's…. potentially!

  3. Lucy's smile on point today, but really though Playstation brought it. That's how you show people this is why we are making this console, this is what next gen is. Microsoft has to be eyeing that bar for July and I hope they got the goods.

  4. I love the way how no else on any other channel and has any idea what Pragmata is about, but Tamoor gives a detailed breakdown of it's possibilities.

  5. 1:59:27 this hit me differently🥺
    Thank you so much Sony and all the devs for everything 💙🤍😭🥺
    Welcome to PlayStation 5 everyone😭 glad to be here with you all💙

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