New Pokemon Snap – Official Reveal Trailer

After more than 20 years, Pokemon Snap is finally back! Coming to Nintendo Switch.

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  1. For those who just saw this trailer or the new one for this game, there is a pre order that you can do to buy the game sooner. This games release date will be on April 30, 2021 so might as well get it now. No, the game is not free, it is the same price as Pokémon Sword and Shield.
    Hope this was a little helpful for you and have a nice day/night.

  2. Love how all y'all are hyping the game up based on a damn trailer. Now watch y'all criticize and bash the game when it actually releases. Y'all gon give it the pokemon sword and shield treatment cause there's always an unsatisfied gamer.

  3. Why wasn’t there a Pokemon Snap on the 3DS? It just seems like that would have been a natural given the camera feature on the system.

  4. Me: can I fight them?
    Nintendo: well…no, this is just for the experience! Just look at the world around you!
    Me: ok but… Is there like a unnatural predator coming to destroy all pokemon?
    Nintendo: no I just said-
    Me: how about any rivals! Some gang trying to take the natural habitat and turn it into a power facility!?
    Nintendo: uh-
    Me: how about legendary pokemon that needs our help to find it's lost artifact that's being used to take over the world and-
    Nintendo: Just. Look. At. The. Pretty. *Pictures*.

  5. Never understood this game lol I had it for my 64 but I threw it away because I didn’t know what the point of the game was ??‍♂️

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