Marvel's Avengers – FULL War Table Gameplay Reveal Event

Check out details on Marvel’s Avengers Hero Missions, War Zones, and much more during their War Table reveal event!

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  1. this game could bring comics back to life and give origin stories for all kinds of hero's i would let this game take up 200 gigs

  2. Gameplay looks alot better from first showing but personally never I liked window or kahn in comics so was hoping for some better female characters like scarlet witch, Jean gray,Jessica Jones…ect. But hopefully they'll be adding later down the road.

  3. I never got on board with commentary during fights in a game. How do you maintain good breath and poise yakking while flipping, being knocked back, getting punched etc

  4. Please work on that camera everything else looks pretty good hoping for at least 3 character drops when when its first announced I got comic friends who have been wanting something like this since marvel ULTIMATE alliance 1 and 2

  5. It's hard to address everything in this 25 minute video but I think if they get the leveling up and looting right the game won't feel too repetitive. The gameplay being fluid fun is what will matter most.

  6. "Power can't be controlled, it must be destroyed!"

    Power can't be destroyed, it just changes hands. I dunno, I thought it was kinda funny.

  7. Looked at the comments. Glad I'm not the only one who feels really iffy on this game. There are neat ideas here, but there's just something not quite right about it. Of course, it is Square Enix and all their little companies, I never feel quite right about their games. They always feel a little…. I dunno, they just have a weird feel, even when they're good, and sometimes they are… always a risky buy though.

  8. Idk, I feel like there should’ve been more playable characters, not sure if this is all there will be. Also the impact of Thor’s hammer doesn’t look satisfying. Would have been nice to see an open world too, I mean Im against having an open world for the sake of having an open world, but a superhero game seems perfectly fit for that

  9. I just pre-order to try the beta gonna be salty if games delayed again. They need to add more trophies with each new character to. I get board with a game once there is no more trophies

  10. Ok can someone plz respond it says u need one tune online access for single player campaign does that mean I need ps plus for the single player story mode or is the campaign and story a whole different thing?????

  11. all you people are just traumatized with what happen to anthem. EA fuck it all up…. apex legends and anthem release date the same mouth and year….for sure EA rush bioware on making the game….now this days most people care only about battle royal games

  12. Why don't they ever show UI in these videos? I swear, it would look so much more fun if we see what it actually looks like when we play. Give me something to get excited about!

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