Marvel's Avengers – 7 Minutes of Official Thor Mission Gameplay

Check out this first look at Thor gameplay in Marvel’s Avengers shown at the Marvel’s Avenger’s War Table live event from Square Enix.

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  1. Although this game needs a lot of polishing for the effectiveness to deliever, I still quite enjoyed the closed beta! The gameplay itself was quite satisfying. All these minor issues people are talking about, such as making Thor's hammer seem more impactful, is something they can easily update into the game. The bigger issues would be, the game crashing, frames dropping when activity gets to clustered, etc. Those are issues to complain about. And yet, issues that can be fixed with updates. That still doesnt take away from it being capable of a great game of its own. After all issues are fixed, people would most likely buy it even more. I for one, dont wanna wait. I can handle waiting for updates to fix all those issues. Come on Marvel Avengers, I want this now lol

  2. People in comments trying to find a million things to complain about while I'm here enjoying the beta. Many hours invested and it is everything I could want. Characters have already been datamined and let's just say.. oh I'm impressed. "Needs a delay" LOL, uhhh.. no. 🤣

  3. Plz do not dog this game because the hammer doesn’t seem as effective this is an early form of the game plus it’s an rpg so you have to build its power

  4. I’ve never had so much hope for a game in a while but I’m still not gonna pre order it I’m still gonna ways after it’s out to see how the game is after release

  5. They need to take God mode off so they can actually show the game. Thor would’ve died so many times with this gameplay.

  6. Can I just say one thing? People have wanted this game for years and years and when it finally gets revealed and looks super good and cool they find the smallest things that the game has done wrong when we should be thinking about the positives

  7. I feel like the gameplay and how your in a team of four rather with friends or ai I think the team should be all members of the avengers 6 slots I'd be cooler

  8. It's a good game, not as good as Spiderman was for marvel fans (lores and Easter egg), yes the combat get repetitive but it's a loot and shoot/beat em up. If you're looking for creative shit go for indie titles.

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