FULL Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 Presentation | Paradox Interactive Showcase

Check out the full Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 presentation from the Paradox Interactive Showcase including the reveal of Damsel reveal trailer.

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  1. These people clearly never played the first game. Only returning female character worthy of that level of hype is Therese/Jeanette. Damsel was just a one dimensional filler character of a side mission. lol

  2. Damsel was the most annoying character of the original game and an obvious allusion to pompous, pretentious teen-age leftists. Now the pompous teenage leftists are in charge of the game it appears…

  3. This guy is AWFUL at presenting. Yikes. It sounds so forced like he wrote his own script and jokes the night before in his living room.

  4. Am I the only one who is pretty disturbed by the fact that the first game had better facial animations and more personality to its characters, like 15 YEARS AGO?

  5. I appreciate how this ends. with the blonde girl pointing out how crazy creepy this trailer supposedly is and how excited she is Damsel is in the game. But the real icing on the cake is that prideful head nod the dude gives about that fact right at the end. Like seriously of all the characters i wanted to see reprise their roles, Damsel was nowhere near the top of the list. What are these people smoking? Pass that shit

  6. 1. Nobody loved Damsel, especially compared to other characters. If you loved her so much, why did you age her and change her face? According to Skelter shes "the college girl". This model looks at least 15 years older than she did in Bloodlines.
    2. Sound direction is still terrible and ill fitting. Except for the remixed main menu theme from the original game, which you somehow managed to sound worse.
    3. Both of the above ALMOST distracted me from the fact that this game is 5 years in development, yet i still haven't seen gameplay representative of the final product. All the pre-alpha demos looked bad and snippets of gamplay here don't look any better.
    "Here's your rehashed theme and your rehashed minor character, this is what you wanted, now give me your money". How about NO.

  7. I'd much prefer they just remaster the original. All the new and stuff for this game doesn't really fill me with confidences. Also its looks likes a 2015 game not 2021-2022.

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