DIRT 5 – EXCLUSIVE Career Mode Gameplay

In this exclusive gameplay video, lead designer Michael Moreton takes a spin around one of the Norway circuits and talks about DIRT 5’s Career mode. DIRT 5 is Codemasters’ first title to be confirmed on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5

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  1. dirt 3 was the best in the series ..they had this mode called ‘outbreak’ if i can remember and I use to play that for hours ! never really got into dirt after that ..and am not sure about this

  2. Wow, today I learned that this game has Big Brand Heavyweights such as:

    -Monster™ Energy Drink™

    -Goodyear™ Tire™ and™ Rubber™ Company™


    Thanks, lead designer, for spending the precious little time you have promoting your game on these riveting facts! This must be why people take sports games so seriously!

  3. you need bit more speed better sounds on the car and gear VR option and lets go 3440×1440 100 hz and not locket fps… freak main dev… go 200 % into what i say if you want to sell to the grow ups with the real money!

  4. Dirt 5 will not be a success like Dirt 3 complete edition. The successors to this were also bad. Dirt 4 and Dirt 2.0 were unsuccessful. The best thing about Dirt 3 is that you can ride together in all races. Especially cat and mouse are great fun. I still play it every day. Especially cat and mouse is great fun and should come back in a new game.

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