Demon's Souls – Official 4K PS5 Announcement Trailer

From JAPAN Studio and Bluepoint Games comes a remake of the PlayStation classic, Demon’s Souls. This remake invites players to experience the original brutal challenge, completely rebuilt from the ground up and masterfully enhanced with a new “Fractured Mode.” In addition to beautiful shadow…

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  1. Worried about this game. I started with Bloodborn and DS3, both were immediately some of the best games I'd ever played. Played DS2 remastered and while the combat was slower paced it was still a fun game. Finally DS1 remastered came out on ps4 and I have never been so disappointed. The controls, movement, combat speed and enemies were all so dated I couldn't play for more than 4 hours. Hopefully, Demon Souls is more similar to DS3 and Bloodborn than DS1.

  2. First game I ever platinum on PlayStation so excited this is the reason for me to buy a PS5 to platinum it again

  3. This game is clearly the system-seller for me. I've played through every Souls and I could even wait for a collector edition rather than buying the console day one. It's the only genre where my true abilities as a gamer are revealed

  4. I played demon souls more than any other souls game, and I've done almost everything… except getting a pure baldestone. I really want the to make that stone easier to get, cause it isn't even something so useful to make it that difficult to get.

  5. What is it? Is it an RPG or a linear path war adventure in a make believe Medieval Europe where this evil demonic one seeks to rule the world so a party of noble heroes step up to the formidable challenge of saving the world? It could be an epic tale.

  6. Ok can someone please tell why everyone is so stoked about this game cause it came out already 11 yrs ago on PS3? I’m actually curious cause I’ve never played it before and everyone’s excitement has peeked my interest.

  7. If you listen to the opera closely it says "satan, reborn" then goes on to say something else and then repeats. This shit if your getting it is going to be about that kinda thing so though I got my preorder I don't want this game. Shame seeing as Sony only has a handful of first party titles

  8. O man, again long fightings with bosses, only soul game that i didnt play, ds1, ds2, ds3, dsremastered and sekiro all passed, but this one i am waiting like a child for a candy. Love those games!

  9. honestly demons souls had the best story narrative in the souls like series. dark souls just made up some absolute nonsense that you need lore videos to unpack to understand and even then it still didn’t make any fucking sense. the story of the fall of boletaria & King Allant’s descent into darkness never left my mind even after playing all the others souls games, whereas i struggle to fully understand the dark souls story because most of it was just so ridiculously convoluted & nonsensical that i don’t even care to try and understand anymore. fuck dark souls bruh idec i played all 3 and i can confidently say the gameplay was fun and interesting but the dark souls story sucked executioner smough’s swampy ass

  10. When I was watching the trailer I didn't really care as Id never played a soul game and didn't know what demon souls is. Now that I've played dark souls remastered I get it and I want it

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