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Debating The Controversial Twists Of The Last Of Us Part II — Spoiled

FULL SPOILERS AHEAD! The Last of Us Part II’s journey to release has been riddled with well-documented strife, from multiple delays to users review bombing the game on Metacritic even though they haven’t played it yet. But when you cancel out the…

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  1. The wolves followed a man hell bent on murder and torture and they were shooting on site. I didn't get the impression that the W.L.F were a good group like Jackson

  2. I'm on my third playthrough of the game and only just realised, the wolf ARE looking for Tommy when they get to Jsckson.
    So you were right, technically.

    They arrived their searching for Tommy, not Joel himself.
    Can you imagine what they thought when not just Tommy but also Joel walked right into their hands.

    Anby first hears Tommy and Joel's names in the ski lodge while running from infected.
    You can see the reaction and surprise in her eyes. She keeps glancing over at Joel as her mind races to comprehend finding them both.

  3. It’s funny, I’m actually playing through a second time just to experience all the violence again. I love the combat, albeit a bit bare bones

  4. when I first played as abby in her day 1 I rushed it so much, I did NOT want to play as her but once I got to the part where you meet lev and yara, I actually had a blast. I never really need nor used the melee combat until that part and boy is it fun. I started to take it slow and try to see her side. by the end of the game I did not want to fight her anymore, I wanted ellie to be happy and to leave abby be. the voice acting was incredible especially their screams, they were impactful to the point of feeling bad for hurting them. I'm really hoping for a part 3

  5. About the Rattlers being the baddy faction… one of the most jaw dropping moments was when you, as Abby, walk into the WLF building to meet Isaac and walk into a torture prison! Like WTF!?! And Owen may be not the best man (cheating on Mel), but he is the one who can't stand this and seeks a way out, while Abby is still blinded by here fury and drive to kill Joel and doesn't see the cruelty around her.

  6. I loved this game for the same resons you’ve discussed. It was an emotional rollercoaster to experience the other side of the story and get to see how “we’re not always right”, or there’s no “good” and “bad”… interesting and excruciating story to play, but definetely well executed.

  7. I honestly have no idea what people like Andy are talking about with the “the game wants you to feel bad about killing people.” I’ve played the game twice now and there’s just nothing like that. I mean, I think it’s supposed to make you feel something when enemies will call out their dead comrades names, but other than that there is no cutscene, no dialogue that addresses the morality of killing. Really weird that people talk about this so much

  8. I would have loved to hear your thoughts on whether or not Abby is immune. During the Ellie boss fight, she bites Abby on the arm. Abby doesn’t turn, and the bite is never addressed. Either this is a Grand Canyon sized plot hole, or naughty dog has plans for Abby.

  9. I played the game and never saw or heard any spoilers. I find it hilarious all critics think the story is great. The story is poorly written, poorly paced and contrived to smeg. Its one of the worst story driven games i have ever played. Tired of supposed critics that are profesdional that talk shit to shill for a company so they get more invites. Try being professional for a change.

  10. I literally had to pause the cinematic with Joel on the floor and calm down. My heart was beating out of my chest, and I had to take a minute to take some deep breaths. The only other game to have ever done that to me was RDR2. Both brilliant games, impeccable acting.

  11. This game is Not layered complex or deep in any way. Those of us who disliked the game understand this game fine. This game is the opposite of subtle

  12. Phenomenal game! Truly original in how it forces you to play as someone they are WELL AWARE you absolutely hate and despise. Really makes you re-examine your own tribalistic feelings…

  13. Just because Ellie lost two fingers doesn't mean that she'll never be able to play guitar. Many artists throughout history have been able to learn how to play again overcoming a disability similar to Jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. Now if she lost all her fingers or whole hand that would be a different story. Ellie could also relearn to play left handed similar to Jimmy Hendrix, a challenging but certainly not impossible remedy.

    Also, when leaving the the guitar behind, it certainly has symbolic meaning re: Joel and the story/themes, it doesn't mean she is leaving it forever. She's got no place to stay and hasn't learned to play again w her hand, so why bring it? She's also not taking any other stuff but you can't tell me she's not going to come back and get some of those other items when she's more settled down or perhaps moves back in.

  14. People were suspecting Joel's death since the very first "Valley of Death" guitar teaser. There were theories about how you don't see Joel's footsteps directly touch the grass or water, implying he wasn't physically there.

  15. This game was incredible. Naughty Dog makes the best character moments, such human personalities. Ellie and Dina's relationship was so sweet

  16. I was begging ellie to go after Abby during the farmhouse scene, seriously pleasing to naughty dog! I was saying “please give me this I need this!” And was so glad when they gave it to me, but was really disappointed when she let Abby live in the end even tho I enjoyed playing as Abby more, I needed that revenge for Joel

  17. Why would u ever say that u don’t want a sequel to a game u gave 10/10? That pisses me off, of course we want more last of us! There is so much potential left in this world it would be a shame to leave it all on the table

  18. Just finished last night and I'm still jacked up. The more I think about it and listen to this, I'm thinking more and more this is the most brilliant game I've ever played

  19. FYI if you didn't like this game, it doesn't mean that you didnt "get it" people have different opinions. The ignorant stance is to think everyone should love it and look at a game the same way

  20. If they make a 3rd one, they should fast forward to where Ellie is the age of what Joel was during the first game. Feel like that would be a nice nod.

  21. Abby's character was fantastic!
    A victim of war. Then she finds hope again, trying to do better. While Ellie and comp stalks her like demented psychos throughout the whole game. Fuckn hated Ellie

  22. Gotta slightly disagree with the Rattler assessment, as there was a note you could find where one of the Rattlers was sending meat to his elderly mother and stated that she should get "fatty cuts" because she looked too skinny. So they really even put effort into making the player empathize with some of the Rattlers

  23. 1:00:02 "I didn't know who i wanted to die"…You have got to be actually kidding me. Holy shit, that is a wild, completely wild thing to say. I played both games, and I'd easily have Abby dead, without a doubt, thats given and obvious.
    And its not surprising the confusion, because of how terribly movie like this 'Game' is where you cant make the decision of whether to kill Ellie or Abby or not, OR even let alone make absolutely any decision at all in the entire game because terribly enough, you can't. You are literally sitting through 30 hours where you're being forcibly manipulated into liking Abby, which is so much, in a linear story telling that doesn't work in a game, but it does work perfectly for a comic or movie.

  24. Couldn’t agree more here to the opinions of this panel. As what they said here, was exactly how I experienced it in the game and my thought process was while playing. Great discussion.

  25. The title says debating. But there's no debate just discussion. I was hoping for a clean and respectful discussion between people who loved it, people who just liked it fine, people who thought it was meh and people who thought it was shit and they'd get to all speak their mind and debate eachother's points.
    There is way too little of that.
    It's not allowed to be a 6.5 or 7.
    It must be 10/10 masterpiece or 1/10 total crap cause muh Joel died. lol

  26. No, guys. it's NOT the player's choice when asked to push Square. because you fucking HAVE to. 🙄
    jesus h christ.. these guys really come across like they were paid off and I'm not the type of guy that would ever suggest something like that.

  27. When Naughty Dog writes a story that makes me feel more for the "villian" in the game than I did for Ellie, who I adored in the original really says something. The only problem is I hated it. They both should have died at the end for being stupid stubborn bitches.

  28. Damn ya'll were 25-30hrs

    It took me 43 hrs to complete. I literally looked for everything & check every room & 100% completion trophy for downtown Seattle…I saw every cut scene also.

  29. The Last of Us was the GREATEST GAME EVER MADE! The Last Of Us Part II is the game:
    Everyone HATED IT
    10 years from now, It will be considered the Greatest Game Ever Made! The most adored. It's going to take people time to catch up. The world just wasn't ready for this.

    So if you loved it in 2020… congratulations…you my friend are ahead of the curve. The world just needs time to catch up 😎😎

    #TLOU2 is the #GOAT

  30. It took until I almost drowned Abby for me to finally not want to kill her. I was all in on leaving the farm house. I hated Abby my entire first playthrough. I did play it again almost immediately and now love Abby but I needed the whole Santa Barbara section to get there.

  31. Negan does some horrific things way worse than what Abby does, but he's so much more of a compelling and likable person than Abby. That is a huge problem for this game.

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