Cyberpunk 2077 Hands-On Impressions: All Three Classes Explored

We finally went hands-on with one of the most anticipated games of the generation, Cyberpunk 2077, and in this video, Jake Dekker, Tamoor Hussain, and Edmond Tran describe their experiences with the opening hours of the game. Each of them built their characters as different from one another as…

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  1. All 3 paths look really interesting.. I wanna choose Street Kid, but Corpo seems to be more helpful at first until you figure out how it works. Damn.. I can't wait anymore! -_-
    And it scares me that I can now understand the feelings of that weirdo who sends death threat messages on the devs' Twitter accs…

  2. Why spoil the story details of every life-path?? Why not just give us your impressions of the game instead of spoiling story beats for us– even if it's only the first hour or so?

  3. Cool is actually not charisma, just how well you stay calm under pressure i think?
    I think all the stats play a role in if you suceed with a dialogue option or not
    and cool also kinda contributes to how characters react to you and how they percieve you, but not actual persuasion

  4. Corpo all the way. Very mysterious and suspenseful intro Street kid is the worst super cliche. Nomad is ok I hate desert and sand so not for me lol

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