Baldur's Gate 3 – Official 4K Early Access Release Announcement Trailer

Get ready to venture forth. Baldur’s Gate 3 is planned for an August 2020 Early Access launch on Steam and Stadia.

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  1. I can’t stop watching this trailer I’ve seen it atleast 20 times now it’s such a good trailer I was not interested in the game until I saw this and now I’m obsessed

  2. I'm torn between buying the early access or waiting til next year to get the full version. I mean the year's already over at this point, right🤷
    Idk! Someone help, I'm trying to resist!

  3. This is it. The only RPG I have so thoroughly enjoyed since New Vegas. And this is the trailer that got me to buy it. AND it isn't even finished yet.

  4. So are we gonna talk about the scene where astarion is feeding on that person and they’re fighting back? Maybe we’ll see that in the second half of the game unless it’s a cut scene

  5. The music, the voice acting…the graphics…all top notch. LARIAN are setting some standards that other companies would only dream of achieving. They just did a lighting update and it looks even better now than when this trailer launched. Absolutely astounding work so far.

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