Apex Legends – FULL Season 5 Presentation | EA Play 2020

Check out Respawn Entertainment’s complete Apex Legends presentation at EA Play 2020 including, Lost Treasure, Switch announcement, and more!

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  1. Hearing that Switch click made my pants completely white.

    Most of my classmates don't own a PC, so this whole Switch port with crossplay really made my day.

  2. PC players will have a big advantage over console players. This has the potential to ruin Apex because of all the PC hackers wreaking havoc. Hope not

  3. I'm a console player specifically PS4 he said that the event with happened on Tuesday yet it is Tuesday when I am writing this post and there is no update

  4. Does anyone while Cross-Play is coming will Cross-Progression exist too? I play on Xbox and finally built a PC and I don't want to lose access to all my purchases and other data switching over on another platform

  5. Thoughts from badoinxx: I am very excited for the Nintendo switch port, crossplay, and steam. But I have been debating whether or not I think the switch port would run well but I've come to these conclusions if the port takes time and they optimize it to run like doom eternal with 1080p and 60fps I believe that the good people at respawn would do better than the shitnite port this has been thoughts from badoinxx have a good night at the outlands

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