8 Minutes of Remnant From The Ashes Subject 2923 DLC Gameplay

8 minutes of gameplay from the latest Remnant From The Ashes DLC, Subject 2923.

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  1. Aren't those many of the same type of creatures already found all over the Remnant world? They seem to product the same status effects too – Root Rot. It seems some aren't exact duplicates, but dang close, especially with sound effects. So, new area, old enemies (with a few exceptions)?
    One request: can we PLEEEZE get backpack skins? That ratty old thing is so stupid and clunky looking.

  2. Are they just getting super unlucky with their damage, or have they just not upgraded their shotgun to the point that it's good? The one at the beginning, not the double barrel.

  3. yes, this game is very fun and stuff, but i dont think its that underrated, as there isnt much to do creatively. compared to souls games you get over it very quick. after a couple playthroughs i didnt give a shit anymore which weapons i could get in what way. the cool things are the figuring out how to overcome bosses and the atmospheres of the different biomes. when you have experienced them all, giving opponents more hp and damage output or running through the game in search of a weapon you wont use isnt that exciting. im excited for the subject whatever update though.

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