6 Big Changes In Fortnite Season 3's Splashdown

Chapter 2, Season 3 has officially begun in Fortnite, implementing several changes–some quite noticeable and others less so. Called Splashdown, the new season is water-themed and gives Fortnite an aquatic makeover.

In the video above, Jordan Ramée details the six major changes that are a part…

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  1. One question. Why are y’all so toxic? You come to watch a fortnite video and hate on it and the people that play it. Saying the game is overrated may be true. But just let people enjoy what they like. It’s like Minecraft, people made fun of it, thought it was for kids. Now look at the game, it’s legendary. We all have different taste in games. Respect that.

  2. I’m done with this game . Tried to participate to the event and I couldn’t because they have bad servers . Spent hundreds on skins and season passes and for what ? Bugs , problems all the time etc . Nah , I’m sweet

  3. People be like "I miss old fortnite" like seriously, imagine if they just added new skin every season and didn't change anything else, would you still play it for 3 years

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