Xbox Series X First Look Livestream – Inside Xbox

Tune into the first Xbox 20/20 stream as Microsoft reveals for the first time what gameplay looks like on the Xbox Series X. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla headlines the list of games that will be showcased.

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  1. Why has gaming gone to this comic, anime, crappy looking games on a higher power gaming system? It's pointless. To showcase any indie games and anime crap to try to sell consoles is rediculous. Most games besides rdr2 and gta have lost single player fun/quality or dumped single player altogether. I won't be preordering this time. I'm done preordering Xbox console's and I've been doing it since the first Xbox launch. Not feeling excited…. 😐

  2. Mate ISPs need to be held accountable for these shitty bitrates…. its unacceptable that Japan has 90%fibre coverage gigabit speeds and we have these shitty monopolies that dont provide society with what we need, imagine having supercomputer capabilities at any location… with gigabit speeds that are obtainable the medical and gaming industries would be heavily changed forever.

  3. Microsoft……you already had us. we were waiting for it and excited and you absolutely delivered. We would have been just fine with this video had you NOT lied about the content. If you would have kept it at "first look" then the dislikes wouldn't happen. JUST. BE. HONEST!

  4. I'm tired of people complaining Phil explained why they are working on how to show you its full potential they might have to create a new tv thats how powerfull the technology is.

  5. This was a public first look event?

    It looked more like a last minute crunch business Skype call.

    What's worse is ps5 just had its event ant it was top notch. Xbox are fucking themselves AGAIN.

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