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Wasteland 3 – New Gameplay Today

Leo plays while Ben Reeves and Dan Tack talk everything new coming to Wasteland 3 and what makes the series special.

Wasteland 3 is Game Informer’s latest cover story! Check out the latest issue of the magazine for exclusive screens and details.

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  1. Big downgrade to the dialog system. I loved the dialog ui from Wasteland 1. A downgrade for the sake of "streamlining" is not appreciated.

  2. Can't wait, just played the second one last month. Interested to see how the changes play out. Never enough games like this.

  3. I've finished Wasteland 2 for a few times & have been looking forward to 3 since the early days of the crowdfunding (no i didn't participate). It's one of the best rpgs i've played although there're certainly a few things that they needed to fix such as the cover systems, the combat initiation etc

  4. I only came across wasteland 2 after finishing biomutant. I like discovering old games just before a new one come out.
    Hopefully it'll be a console release to

  5. Game doesn't look that great tbh, also not my cup of tea. Too boring but I can see how it could be entertaining to a certain group of people

  6. Why the character who have the portrait Black is NOT a black person?

    Another fucking disaster in customization thanks again wasteland, pretty similar wasteland 2….pffff

  7. I'm waiting for the Game, only 10 Days left. … (Not everyone likes Cats 🙀) How about a remake of "Syndicate"? I'll 🙏 for it. 🛸🔫

  8. Oh no, im not fan of more than 4 characters…. And why game looks like xcom more than wasteland 2? I have a bad feeling about this…

  9. Ugh idk, this looks worse than Wasteland 2… Where are the improvements? Dialogue looks worse, interface looks worse, combat looks worse. Why is everything worse? Shouldn't this have been an improvement on the previous game? What happened to the dialogue system?

  10. What are the real requirements for low settings, 1366×768 resolution and 20-30 fps? I wonder if it's playable on lowend PC, like notebook with 940mx.

  11. I have never been this hyped about a game since the 80’s when police quest 3 came out. Plus it’s being released on Game pass. 7 more days

  12. I came to check this game out. I saw "Play Co-op" and I was hyped after seeing the 'trailer'. But after seeing the gameplay and immediately seeing grid based combat. It's one hell of a step backwards for a game that is asking for £60. Can our top game devs not make the 'easiest system' type games.

  13. No Portraits during dialogue anymore? Wow… that is so backwards and just… just bad design. I want to see my custom characters during dialoge… and key NPC's should have a FACE to look at, not just boringly babble 100ft away.

  14. This is probably going to seem like a dumb question, but with all games with firearms I have one pet peeve, and I can't tell from the videos I've seen.

    Do shell casings eject from weapons when appropriate? Like automatic/semi-automatic firearms or bolt action rifles?

    It bothers me enough that I probably wouldn't purchase if they don't exist during firing.


  15. I just wish developers of games like this would take notice to the mod "Idle Suppression" on Xcom. Makes the game feel more "live action" while still being turn based.

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